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August Alsina F/ Nicki Minaj – “No Love” Remix (Video)

by Miracle

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August Alsina has taken the R&B world by storm with his bad boy demeanor and smooth vocal work. His debut album Testimony received a lot of love upon it’s release and his singles always seem to be a big success whenever they hit the airwaves. His current tour seems to be on fire too. So Def Jam scored big with the New Orleans crooner. Earlier this week he released a video for the remix of his single “No Love.” The track includes a feature from everybody’s favorite junk in the trunk raptress Nicki Minaj.

The record is a slow tune with a sturdy foundation, subdued background elements, and a mellow vibe. It’s an exquisite production as a whole. The hook is fitting too. August supplies polished vocals and the lyrics are infectious. The verses are top notch. August does his thing for the first two verses and Nicki Minaj jumps in on the third. Both artists serve up flawless executions and tactfully crafted lyrics. They do an excellent job of portraying a situation where a man is struggling to embrace true love and a woman is trying her best to change that. Overall, it’s a high quality record.

The video for the single was done by the one and only Benny Boom with part of the treatment for the flick being written by Nicki herself. That’s kind of dope. It has received over three million YouTube views thus far. The storyline is a familiar one. August Alsina gets caught playing the field one night while snuggled up with Ms. Minaj. Gotta watch those cell phones. Nicki gives him the boot. And August carries on seemingly unconcerned at first. Eventually he starts to feel some remorse though and goes out of his way to make things right with Nicki. The piece is accented by black & white glimpses of the couple that reflect the rocky nature of their relationship. There is also strikingly beautiful imagery dispersed throughout the storyline as well. The vision wraps up with one final close up shot of the couple and a quick nod to the title. All in all, it’s an exceptional offering.

**My Two Cents: I’ve been slow to jump on the August Alsina train but this song won me over a bit. I love the easy going nature of it and I feel like Nicki did her thing. The video was also alluringly done. I absolutely loved the black & white components and I liked the way the theme was played out. It’s a common tale but Nicki and August make for a very believable couple. Their on screen chemistry is just too cute. What say you? Leave your thoughts on the song & video in the comments section below. -MinM

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Rockz September 19, 2014 - 10:07 am

I frickin love this song DUDE 🙂


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