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Sisterhood Of Hip Hop: Season 1, Episode 3: “Love Or Hip Hop” (Recap)

by Miracle

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“Love Or Hip Hop” (watch here)

Sisterhood of Hip Hop kicked off this week with Diamond, Siya, and Bia discussing the events  that took place in the previous episode at Tammany Hall. Diamond continued her vendetta against Nyemiah Supreme as apparently she felt her dancers were a bit too much. On the other hand, all of the ladies seemed to enjoy Brianna Perry‘s set despite the fact that everything that could’ve gone wrong for the Miami talent did. And of course Siya once again found herself in the hot seat due to her blow up with her boo Renaye. She revealed that she never went back to her place after the show but opted for a hotel instead out of fear that her fight with her Cali lover would get even more out of control. Y’all know Renaye was not happy about that. But Diamond had the answer. Her prayer alarm went off during the ladies’ outing and she decided to use the moment to pray for Siya to find  the strength to deal with her relationship woes. She might just have some redeemable qualities after all.

Next, we get to see Nyemiah get her dance on with her mother. They discuss Nyemiah’s dating life or lack there of and come up with a pretty snazzy little routine. Siya then takes the viewer deeper into her career troubles. She still hasn’t made any progress with Tank and things are looking even more bleak as he is getting ready to drop an album of his own. She voices her frustrations to her friend Kael who ultimately decides that it’s time for Siya to confront Tank and let him know what’s on her mind. She’s a bit reluctant but agrees to give it a try.

Nyemiah hangs up her dancing shoes and steps into the booth. While recording, she gets a visit from a very handsome actor/singer, the one and only Mack Wilds. The two met previously during his album listening party and kept in contact over time. The duo talk potential future collaborations, flirt, and exchange digits. Diamond takes a break from praying and bashing Nyemiah to meet up with her manager Brian. He encourages the ATL diva to buckle down and get more focused on getting her brand moving on the East Coast. Back in Nyemiah’s world, she meets up with her hype girl Michelle to dish about being in love vs. having a career as well as her studio visit with Mack Wilds. Michelle decides it’s time for Nyemiah to put herself back on the market and initiates a date between her and the former 90210 heartthrob.

Siya finally gets up the nerve to confront Tank with her homeboy Kael coming along for back up. She hits Tanks with her irritation over not being active while all of her fellow Hip-Hop sisters are making moves and his response is basically suck it up buttercup. There is no budget for Siya and no resources to put the proper team together. And she’s doing better now than she was when Tank first took her under his wing. This doesn’t sit too well with Kael and he puts Tank on notice that if he can’t handle Siya, that he’ll step up to the plate as her manager. Tank checks Kael quick, fast, and in a hurry; leading to Siya leaving no better off than when she came through the door. Diamond finally gets into the studio and has a visit from the infamous Eve while she’s there. The two met during a Ludacris video and have been tight ever since. It was a real big sister / little sister moment.

Nyemiah finally has dinner with Mack Wilds and things start off perfectly. They discuss music and continue their flirtatious back & forth. But then Mack innocently starts to inquire about Nyemiah’s romantic past and things take a turn for awkwardville. He quickly tries to recover the situation with an apology but to no avail. The moment is gone. Too bad too. The pair actually look good together. Siya bites the bullet and finally goes back to her apartment to deal with Renaye. She has been gone for two days by this point and Renaye was on the war path. The two argue about their usual issues but agree to try and work things out. Poor Siya just can’t catch a break.

Nyemiah meets up with her manager and Michelle to give up the tea about her date with Mack Wilds. When they find out that things took a sour turn, they accuse Nyemiah of not giving Mack a fair shake due to her past dramas. She agrees and admits that she did call Mack to apologize but only got his voice-mail. She left him a message, so maybe there is some hope for the two after all. Brianna Perry closes out the show with a gathering for hookah and drinks before she has to head back to Miami. Things run smoothly with the exception of Diamond running behind schedule. She eventually shows up and reveals that she was involved in a photo shoot for Billboard centered around iconic women in Hip-Hop such as Lauryn Hill and Eve. Nyemiah asks the question that the whole world was thinking, which is basically what has Diamond done to be included amongst such elite names. Diamond then forgoes her new-found spirituality and the two engage in a shade throwing session for the books. Sick of the drama, Siya drops her hookah pipe, snags Diamond, and steers her away from the group.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until next week to see how it all plays out. But they won’t be alone in the land of drama. Siya hits another snag in her career. Brianna’s mom gets a little too vocal during a meeting at Atlantic Records, and problems with Bia’s little sister threaten to throw a wrench in her music game. Should be a lively episode. Looking forward to tuning in. -MinM

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