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Illuminati Roundtable: Jeezy Seen It All, Heard It All

by Pooh Bailey

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Seen It All: The Autobiography (iTunes)

Seen it all, heard it all. This upcoming Tuesday Jeezy will be releasing his fifth solo studio album, Seen It All: The Autobiography. And if you’ve heard any of his previous albums, then you’ve already heard this. The difference is just a different beat and more money.

I will say that Jeezy actually shows some type of emotion (hurt and betrayal) when discussing a friend (most likely Kinky B) turned enemy. But that’s all the growth I see. However, for some artists growth is not needed. Meaning not every artist needs to be super lyrical and mature. Sometimes people want to escape reality and for 60 minutes pretend that they’re on top of the dope game. I mean that’s why I listen to Lil Boosie. And that’s why a lot of people listen to Jeezy. Jeezy isn’t for, lack of a better word, a homebody. He’s always been the Mayor of the Streets, and the consistency with his albums proves it.

Now the only real problem I have is the production. There’s no Shawty Redd or DJ Toomp. What’s a Jeezy album without those two? I mean Don Cannon did his thing. And Drumma Boy held his own but Mike Will Made It had Jeezy sounding like that rapper from The Boondocks cartoon. And I’m still trying to get into Childish Major. It wasn’t that the beats were whack (except the beats made by the producer with the sentence for a name), it was just the beats could have and should have went harder.

With all that said, this is a Jeezy album for the established Jeezy fan. So Tuesday when you’re on iTunes or at Best Buy, if you haven’t seen it all or heard it all, cop this album. And if you’re wondering, my favorite songs off of the album are: “Me Ok,” “Been Getting Money” F/ Akon, “Seen It All” F/ Jay Z, “Win Is A Win,” and “No Tears” F/ Future.Pooh Bailey

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