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News: Young Jeezy Faces Gun Possession Rap

by Miracle

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A time that should be full of exciting road adventures and whirlwind promo runs has turned into a bit of a nightmare for Southern street rap favorite Young Jeezy. The veteran artist has been derailed from his tour and tossed behind bars in connection to a murder that took place this past weekend. This comes down just days away from the pending release of the rapper’s fifth studio album Seen It All: The Autobiography, which is due to hit the public on September 2nd.

The police stopped the rapper when he rolled into Irvine, California for a show as part of the Under The Influence Of Music Tour. The situation unfolded on his tour bus in the parking lot of the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater Irvine. Jeezy’s bus was searched and he along with several of his associates were arrested and taken to jail. The fellas were charged with gun possession. There were not many details released pertaining to the findings of the search but it was revealed that an assault rifle was among the items seized. It is alleged that officers believe that the weapon belongs to Jeezy himself. They are currently holding him on a million dollar bail at the Orange County Police Department. On a positive note, they state that he and his associates have been very cooperative.

The incident that lead to them getting a warrant to stop and search the bus took place following another leg of the tour. A promoter working with the artist by the name of Eric Johnson was attempting to get the word out about an after party scheduled to be held in Mountain View, CA. He was approached backstage by a man dressed in all black with a red baseball hat and ultimately ended up being shot multiple times according to witness reports. He was transported to the hospital where he eventually succumbed to his injuries. The promoter was just 38 years old. There was no mention of him having any kind of drama with anyone, so the motive for the shooting remains unknown and the criminal investigation is still ongoing. Supposedly the assault rifle found on the tour bus has been confirmed as the gun that was used in the attack on the promoter. Police have obtained a detailed description of the shooter and have not officially charged Jeezy or his crew with the murder itself. In fact, no arrests have been made pertaining directly to the homicide at all. At the time of press, there has been no comments from Jeezy’s camp regarding the situation.

**My Two Cents: So Jeezy has learned absolutely nothing from his fellow rappers, smh. You never ever keep the burner on the bus. Whether it’s been used or not. Hip-Hop cops live for moments like this. If you just have to carry heat, pass it to security and have them ride in a separate vehicle. Since he hasn’t been charged with the murder, I am curious to see how everything is going to play out. His bail ain’t that high for no reason. What is it about Wiz Khalifa and his tours that attract violence? His last stop here in the Mil resulted in some drama too. I though pot heads were supposed to be all mellow and such (lol). On another note, the site’s very own Pooh Bailey has decided to review Seen It All: The Autobiography for her Illuminati Roundtable fans. So be on the lookout for that coming soon. -MinM

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