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T.Z. – L.I.T. (Life Is Tremendous) (Mixtape Review)

by Pooh Bailey

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Up and coming Chicago rapper T.Z. released his mixtape L.I.T. (Life Is Tremendous) not too long ago. He has told us that this mixtape shows his own creation of Psychedelic Gangsta Rap. So think of Cypress Hill or early Snoop Dogg. Using his own team of producers, T.Z. takes us on a trip of what it takes to make it in Chi-City. It seems like the usual money, hoes, clothes, and dro themes but it has an Alice in Homieland twist.

L.I.T. is what you might hear if you attended a Lil Durk and Big Sean smoke-a-thon. The production is terrific. I always believe that the beat is what makes you want to hear what the rapper has to say. T.Z. has witty metaphors but needs that extra something to take him over the edge. Once he finds that extra something (whatever it is), expect to hear his name a lot. As for L.I.T. (Life Is Tremendous), it’s something to play in the ride on your way to your first day of class. And if you do happen to download L.I.T. please check out the gems that are listed below as they stand out the most to me. -Pooh Bailey

“Dementia (Intro)” F/ Los Wit The Most

“Dementia (Intro)” is the first track on the mixtape and it’s produced by Gothvm. On first listen, you would’ve thought you threw on a Lil Durk mixtape because their voices are similar. But that’s where it stops. “Dementia” can arguably be the best intro for an independent artist mixtape for the past year. Just think of Meek Mill’s Dreams and Nightmares Intro on Xanax.

“Blue Dreams”

Produced by Traxxion, this is the ‘riding around at 2am’ music. T.Z. sounds like a less-dramatic Big Sean on this track and that’s great. What’s even better than that, is starting the song with the D-12 “Purple Pills” chorus. You can’t go wrong with citing throwback Eminem songs.

“Good 2 Go”

Produced by Khaos Kay, this is where T.Z.’s metaphors shine. So many rappers try to force a witty metaphor and it comes off terribly. T.Z. doesn’t force it, he just lays it up. And with Khaos on the boards with the sweet ‘chilling on the block’ beat, and the catchy hook, this is a great end of summer song.

“L.I.T. (Outro)” F/ Los Wit The Most

Let me go ahead and say that T.Z., Los Wit The Most, and Gothvm need to do a group mixtape or album. When these three get together, its replay city on the track. It’s not as great as the intro but it holds its own. And it’s the perfect track to end a mixtape with.

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