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Darling Bonnie – “Lovestory”

by Miracle

Lovestoryartwork copy(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Darling Bonnie is a female artist on the rise from Oakland, California. She got her start in music in the 2000’s via mentoring from a fellow Bay Area act. She began releasing material in 2012 and has come to develop quite the name for herself. She is praised for her strong lyrical ability and one of a kind stage presence. Which she has put to good use opening up for mainstream talents such as: Mobb Deep, Pusha T, E-40, Eve and many more. What makes her standout from the bunch though is her urban luxury brand. She is known for having a knack for the finer things in life which is made evident in the classy upscale theme she embodies along with her appreciation for: high fashion, art, and culture. So not the typical profile of a Hip-Hop artist at all. But she owns the title when she steps up to the mic. Her ultimate goal is to become a true phenomenon in the entertainment industry. Currently, she is pushing a single called “Lovestory.” She invited The Illixer to have a listen and share the track with readers. Find out more about the song after the break.
The record was produced by Keyz. The production turned out incredibly. The rich bass, debonair background elements, charismatic rhythm, and sassy vibe result in a sensational blend. The hook is top notch too. The delivery is personality driven and the lyrics are interesting. The verses are good. Darling Bonnie presents a trademarked flow, savvy wordplay, and official rhymes. Her description of this tune is that it serves as a representation of the happiness and horror that comes with being in love. Particularly if you have ended up with a beauty who just so happens to be a little crazy. A couple of notable lines from her twisted romantic tale include: “Only ruler in your world besides you is me. Got boys drooling at the pumps on my pretty feet. Ain’t got no problem with saying that we got problems. Sometimes the way we solve them by not speaking for weeks. I get weak when we’re apart. Wild when we’re together. I fight you like you’re my brother. But love you like you’re my heaven. See God all in your presence. Feel shy when you’re attentive.” Those words right there create a very expressive opening. Overall, this is a dynamite offering.
Darling Bonnie PRESS**My Two Cents: Darling Bonnie won me over straight out of the gate. She has an one of a kind look and I dig her style. Definitely had no clue what to expect before pressing play but her single delivered everything one could want in a quality tune. The beat was fantastic and the content was flawless. Her flow is something special and the way she puts her words together is crafty. Will have her on the site again for sure. So stay tuned. -MinM

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