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Sisterhood Of Hip Hop: Season 1, Episode 2: “Rap Battles” (Recap)

by Miracle

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“Rap Battles” (watch here)

So it’s a new week which means a fresh episode recap of Oxygen’s latest hit reality show, Sisterhood Of Hip Hop. The second episode definitely kicked things up a notch from the premiere. It started off with Nyemiah Supreme in the studio putting the finishing touches on her single “Downgrade” just in time for her upcoming showcase at Tammany Hall which we later discovered she would be doing with fellow artist Brianna Perry. As she exited the booth Siya stopped by to say hello and introduce her to Diamond. Nyemiah failed to recall Diamond’s time with Crime Mob and things went down hill from there. Apparently Diamond feels like her little stint with the group entitles her to some type of status. Poor delusional thing. Lose the attitude ma, if you were doing all that you wouldn’t need the show. But Nyemiah ignored Diamond’s shade and was kind enough to invite her to meet up for dinner and to attend her showcase. An invitation she would later come to regret.

Next, we travel down to Miami where Brianna Perry is working hard to balance her school schedule with her grueling music commitments. She reveals that she’s majoring in Economics and minoring in Music Business. Her goal is to make sure she has the tools she needs in place to better understand things such as: contracts, branding, etc. While prepping for a Midterm, her momager stops by to tell her that she booked her for the Tammany Hall showcase. Which is exciting but inconvenient as it falls on the exact same day as Brianna’s exam. Her mother overlooked her school calendar. And the professor she has is one of those impossible types who won’t budge on anything for any reason short of maybe a life or death situation. But after clearing her head and spending some time with her bestie, the Miami femcee gets everything worked out.

Things go back to Nyemiah as she goes through rehearsals for her upcoming performance. At this time we also get to meet her manager Alex. The two have a sort of love/hate relationship but Alex proves to be on top of her game. The pair go through the motions regarding Miss Supreme’s lack of being personable and her energy when on stage. Eventually, the rehearsal takes a turn for the better. It’s time to catch up with Siya and Renaye. Last time the camera saw them things were pretty awkward as Renaye got all weird during their outing at the Queen Of The Ring battle. But to smooth things over Siya buys her a brand spanking new puppy. The furry brown and white gift seems to do the trick. Renaye loves him instantly and admits that she has a series of issues that stem from past relationships. But she promises to try to do better. Her efforts don’t last too long though.

So Brianna arrives in New York a day or two before the show with her bestie Ricky in tow. She decides to link up with Diamond at Indigo Bar. The two have formulated a friendship over the years as they run in a lot of the same circles in the Southern music scene. They have a grand old time during their outing but it comes at the expense of Nyemiah. Not only do they cattily go about taking digs at her but Diamond decides to completely blow off her plans to meet up with Nyemiah at Delmonicos. She doesn’t bother to call, text, or anything. She just leaves the poor girl hanging. This of course doesn’t sit right with the Supreme starlet and she lets Diamond know exactly how she feels via a very blunt voice-mail. So much for sisterhood.

Well it’s finally time for the showcase. As Brianna is getting her hair and makeup in order, her momager is busy tossing back shots of Henny like it’s going out of style. Leaving her managerial duties of securing Brianna’s show disc and organizing her wardrobe to the wayside. Good thing Ms. Perry was on top her game and had both already taken care of. Her mother feels slighted but that still doesn’t stop her from turning up. Nyemiah on the other hand has a much smoother time with her last minute show prep. Her manager has all of her affairs in order right down to the DJ. Also, she appears good and sober. Now that’s how you do business. Everyone arrives at Tammany Hall, including Bia who wasn’t seen too much in this week’s episode. Siya wanting to take advantage of having all of the ladies under one roof decides to work the room. This doesn’t sit too well with her boo Renaye and she ends up going ghost before the show can even get started. Brianna takes the stage first. She looks great and is ready to kill it. But when her music starts to play, everything goes south. Her mic is horrible and her music sounds muffled. She even gets a few jeers from the audience for the poor quality. Her mother makes a few attempts to get things on track but to no avail. Brianna’s set was a bust. Nyemiah closes out the show and though she had a few concerns, everything was golden for her time on stage. She along with her dancers was on point and her sound was flawless. Of course this left Brianna feeling some type of way.

Siya finally catches up with Renaye and all hell breaks loose. Renaye is upset that Siya left her side to go network and does everything from insulting the poor girl to threatening to completely call it quits and go back to Cali. Siya gives up and lets Renaye go on her way. Which she should do permanently. All these dramatics every time they go out are getting old fast and are not a good look for Siya business wise. But that’s not the only blow up. The next morning as they are packing to head back to Miami, Brianna and her mom have a tough exchange as well. Brianna basically feels like if her mom had turned up less and managed more, her set would have gone way smoother and she’s right. Of course her mom doesn’t necessarily agree and Brianna ends up walking out. It was an intense way to end the episode. The drama reaches new heights on next week’s episode. There is the aftermath of Siya and Renaye, Diamond and Nyemiah go for round three, and Mack Wilds gets his flirt on with one of the ladies. Should be a good time. I can’t wait. -MinM

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