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Mick Jenkins & YC The Cynic – “Keep It 100”

by Miracle

artworks-000088429523-np2ilr-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

YC The Cynic has graced the site with a new collaboration that hits around our neck of the woods. He linked up with fellow rapper Mick Jenkins who is from Chicago to lay down something for a project being crafted by windy city producer Ricky Dubs. The EP is coined Señor Dubs and it will be dropping on September 3rd. The joint track is the third release off of the upcoming collective and is entitled “Keep It 100.”
The production here is noble. The filling base, mild mannered supporting details, nonchalant tempo, and dashing vibe formulate tactfully together. The hook is creative. Instead of going the traditional route, Dubs decided to take one of Mick’s lines and do some scratching for the break in between verses. It’s an unique touch and showcases his DJ skills at the same time. The verses are proficient. Mick Jenkins steps up to bat first and YC The Cynic brings his East Coast flavor on the second half. Both artists embrace discernible flows, nifty wordplay, and unfaltering rhymes. They make their feelings known loud and clear on everything from their fellow rappers to all of the madness that is going on in the world today. Observe as YC The Cynic spits: “I say it til my dying day. F–k a cop if he crooked. F–k a coward if he busting. I’m a teach my n—as justice. (…) Ain’t no honor for the meek. Ain’t no power in your speech. Either say it with your chest or get it concave. Contrary to belief, cops burying my peeps. Pot belly of the beast. (…) Only if they got a black or brown face. We done been through hell and back like Dante. So you can’t blame a have not that know not.” Those are some momentous bars right there. All in all, this is an accomplished number.
**My Two Cents: This is my favorite submission from YC The Cynic thus far. The beat was great. So mad props to Ricky Dubs. Mick Jenkins did his thing as well. And I think YC represented admirably for the Bronx amongst his Mid-West peers. Readers should definitely spare the three minutes to give this a whirl. For more with the three talents, be sure to visit the provided links within the post. -MinM

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