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BlitZ – Saturday Morning Car Tunes (Pre-Release Mixtape Review)

by Pooh Bailey

photo.php(Photo By Blitz)

Music Genius Minds (MGM) member BlitZ aka Knarley Rithumz; gave us an early listen of his upcoming mixtape Saturday Morning Car Tunes. Hailing from Racine, WI this mixtape would have you believing that BlitZ comes from Oakland, Compton, or any other city in California. Saturday Morning Car Tunes is the perfect title for this mixtape simply because it’s a great soundtrack to ride to while doing your Saturday morning errands. But like most mixtapes there was some highs and there was some lows.

The Highs: The production on SMCT was on one. It’s safe to say that the producer(s) were all top notch. Greatly reminiscent of DJ Quik’s earlier work. The songs that would get multiple playback are: “Hold On,” “Clear Eyes,” “Gun Slinger,” and “Go Hard.” Not only does BlitZ shine but these songs are what separates him from the rest. He sounds like he wants it more. BlitZ doesn’t sound like your typical Mid-West rapper either, which is a breath of fresh air. However, the further he climbs up, the more folks will hate on that.

The Lows: The subject matter as a whole is meh. On songs like “They Gettin’ Mad,” he sounds rather ordinary with lines like: “Man it’s all getting bad. They gettin’ mad. But I keep gettin’ glad. Cause they gettin’ mad.” I know you got to keep it simple on occasion but not that simple. The only other thing that bothered me was BlitZ singing his own hooks. Not everyone can do that. And this includes him. I’m pretty sure those top-notch producers he’s using know an R&B singer that owes them a favor.

If you are still down for that Death Row sound, searching for paydays, no longer Dre Day (word to 2 Pac), then be on the lookout for Saturday Morning Car Tunes when it drops this Fall.  If that West Coast sound is not your cup of tea, then save your bandwidth for the next review. This mixtape is strictly for the fans of DJ Quik, MC Eiht, and all things Death Row (up until 2 Pac’s death). So throw your W’s in the air and do it for the Bay … and Racine. -Pooh Bailey

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