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Rebecca Rose – “My Flame”

by Miracle

1558592_351745894966594_829833349_n(Photo By Divine Atoms)

Readers say hello to California song bird Rebecca Rose. She’s in her early twenties and came to the site’s attention courtesy of our friends of Divine Atoms. She’s been singing since her childhood days and is known for giving off the aura of an older soul. Which probably stems from her musical influences. Said influences include names such as: Sade, Earth Wind & Fire, The Gap Band, etc. She’s done some notable work with East Coast artist ScienZe. And her goal with her music is to capture the essence of true-self while at the same time giving the people something that they can connect to.

The Illixer received the R&B talent’s latest single “My Flame” earlier today. The production for the record is winning. The rich infrastructure, funky supporting details, groovy tempo, and expressive vibe make for an exceptional combination. The hook is poised. The vocals are easy going and the lyrics are stirring. The verses are favorable. Rebecca Rose provides smooth throaty harmonies and heartfelt lyrics. She speaks candidly and in depth about a romantic relationship that has turned sour. A handful of lines worth highlighting include: “But that’s easier said than done. Cause I know that things won’t be the same. So I’m giving you your freedom. And as much as it hurt what was I doing that s–t for then if I didn’t love you? I went above and beyond you see. But you won’t do that for me. I was hurting myself. While you were thinking bout yourself.” There is a swell of emotion coming from those words right there. All in all, this a graceful track.

**My Two Cents: Rebecca Rose has an amazing voice and a pretty nice way with words as well. I really appreciated this track. It definitely touches on a situation that everyone has been in before and thus listeners will easily be able to empathize with it. The production was extremely flattering too. The tone and all of the components fit Rebecca like a glove. I think readers will find this to their liking for sure. So go ahead and give it an ear. Much love to Terrence of Divine Atoms for sending this selection our way! -MinM

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