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Osama Thraxxx F/ C-Mills & Big D – “Chopped, Bobbed, Wasted”

by Miracle

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“Chopped, Bobbed, Wasted” F/ C-Mills & Big D (listen/download)

Earlier this year, rapper Osama Thraxxx (AnharKist Entertainment) was introduced to the site via his poetry and a spoken word piece he did called “Thoughts.” The poem got a lot of love and it was promised that a sample of his music would be next. After browsing through his Sound Cloud a bit, one song in particular stood out from the bunch. That song is called “Chopped, Bobbed, Wasted” and it entails gust appearances from other 414 representers, C-Mills & Big D. The production here is decent. It is comprised of a melodramatic bass, mid-tempo pace, and a serious gutter vibe. The hook is solid. The delivery is accurate and the lyrics are likeable. The verses are fair. C-Mills sets things in motion, Osama picks things up from there, and Big D closes out the cut. All three rappers supply noticeable flows, quality wordplay, and competent rhymes. They put together a street style party anthem that anyone who likes to go all out will appreciate. A handful of lines worth checking out from Osama Thraxxx are: “I’m chopped, I’m bopped, I’m wasted. I’m super medicated. Percocets and liquor got a n—a straight spacing. Pour another shot. I know that I can take it. I’m falling off the bar stool. Man, I think I’m wasted (Can you help me?). Big D keep buying all these drinks. They got me faded.” Those are some nice descriptive bars right there. Overall, this song is worth a few listens.

**My Two Cents: This was a cool record. The beat was on point and the content was respectable too. This is the smoothest I’ve heard Osama sound thus far. For more of his music, be sure to check out his Sound Cloud page. -MinM

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