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Neak F/ Rashid Hadee – “Power” (Video)

by Miracle

Screen Shot - Neak f. Rashid Hadee - Power (Prod by Slot-A & Dir. Aaron Perkins Jr.)(Photo By Neak)

Chicago emcee Neak returned to the site last month with a new buzz single titled “Power.” The song was produced by Slot-A and features another emcee, Rashid Hadee. A review of the track can be found here. A couple of days ago, Neak dropped a video for the song. Take a peek below.

The visuals were once more handled by Aaron Perkins Jr. The video takes place in the streets of Chicago. It is a non-complex piece shot completely in black & white. There are optical effects which include plays on lighting and the utilization of different angles. On top of that, there are reoccurring glimpses of ambiguous items in the forms of a statue and a large piece of artwork hanging in a window. The focus of the video revolves around the fellas lingering about while they spit their respective parts. They perform with entertaining mannerisms, adding an extra element of appeal. The project finishes up with a view of Neak’s silhouette and one final look at the earlier mentioned statue. Overall, this was a lax watch.

**My Two Cents: I think this video fit the nature of the song pretty well. Both have a very subdued aura about them. Also, I loved the use of black & white. That was an excellent color choice. And the fellas brought some personality to things which is always nice to see. I think readers should go ahead and give it a glance. Remember to be on the lookout for future updates and releases from Neak’s new pending offering, Paura/Amore. -MinM

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