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News: Kendrick Lamar Inspires Art Show

by Miracle

kendrick(Photo By ColumbusAlive.Com)

It took a little while for the world of Hip-Hop to catch on to rising rap star Kendrick Lamar but they finally did and he has been on the fast track ever since. His official debut Good Kid, M.A.A.D City was one of the most well received albums of 2012 and it recently spawned an art show in Brooklyn, NY. Shoe company Footaction partnered with design organization Creative Allies and put together a semi-private event for Kendrick at the Galapagos Art Space on the 2nd of this month. The event entailed a variety of canvased artwork inspired by Good Kid, M.A.A.D City. Over 20 pieces were put on display for the affair.

The art came as a result of a poster contest that was hosted by Creative Allies towards the end of last year and ran until the  beginning of this year. The projects were loosely centered around the album’s cover and/or a press photo that was supplied for the contest. Additionally, the finished artwork was supposed to have an unique vintage look. Besides being selected for the art show, there was a $500 cash prize up for grabs. It was a pretty neat venture. Kendrick was in the building for the viewing too. He even performed a few of the hit tracks off of the honored album. It was said that he kept things pretty low key while decked out in a simple t-shirt but showed a lot of love to those in attendance. The full gallery of art can be seen over at the Creative Allies site. A clip of Kendrick’s performance can be found below.

**My Two Cents: I think this was a great idea for a contest. There were some really dope submissions. I’m a Kendrick Lamar fan and think it is cool that his music inspired people to be so creative. Plus, a new Hip-Hop artist having an art show done in their honor is a pretty big deal. Congrats to the Cali emcee on all of his success thus far and may he continue to bless us with his music for many years to come. To see what else he has going on, be sure to visit his website. -MinM
(Photo By Creative Allies)

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