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That’s My DJ: DJ Palistine

by Miracle

945280_444851128937991_1387967819_n(Photo By DJ Palistine)

DJ Palistine was recommended to the site by his fellow comrade DJ Bangaboy Kritakal. However, he is also a well respected name around the city of Milwaukee. The Illixer first witnessed him do his thing at local rap group Kingz Of The City‘s mixtape release party. He kept the music flowing and the vibe was on point. After hearing so many positive things about him and experiencing what he can do first hand; it seemed only proper that he be a part of That’s My DJ. So check out his feature after the break.

Background Info: DJ Palistine exploded on the Mid-West scene late in 2006 after years of showcasing his talent throughout Milwaukee. Driven by a passion to move the crowd, Palistine combines the art of showmanship with an incredible knack for mixing beats at a rapid pace. His likeable personality and vibrant energy have quickly made him a crowd favorite and one of Milwaukee’s most requested DJs.

Other Ventures: 2012 WISN A List Winner (Best Club DJ)

Booking & Web Info: DJ Palistine Website / DJ Palistine On Facebook / DJ Palistine On TwitterDJ Palistine On Sound Cloud / DJ Palistine On Reverb Nation

Mini Q&A:

The Illixer: Top three favorite deejays of all time?

DJ Palistine: DJ Supreme (Milwaukee), Doctor B (Milwaukee), Roc D -RIP- (Milwaukee)

TI: Favorite song or type of music to play?

DJ Palistine: I grew up listening to Hip-Hop. So deep down inside I will always be a “Hip-Hop Head.” But as I matured so did my taste and choices in music. I now spin everything from House to Electro, Latin, Hip-Hop, and Throwbacks.

TI: Favorite place to spin at and why?

DJ Palistine: Club Myth in Minneapolis, Minnesota / Why? The capacity is 3,000+ (Nuff said!!)

TI: One trait that is a must have for every real DJ?

DJ Palistine: A true love of music.

TI: If you could change one thing about the art of deejaying today it would be?

DJ Palistine: Nowadays it seems like anyone with a laptop, iPod, and controller can call themselves a DJ. That’s fine, but I don’t believe it to be a proper use of the term. Also, I see too many DJs just focused on just one genre of music. Music is universal … you can’t just have tunnel vision when it comes to something so widespread.

**My Two Cents: I enjoyed getting to know a little bit more about DJ Palistine. I respect his reputation in the city and he did his thing at the mixtape party I attended. Might have to book him for one of the site’s events this Summer. In the mean time, readers can catch up with the infamous DJ via any of the links provided above. Be sure to peep the video as well. It is really dope. Much love to DJ Palistine for making time in his crazy schedule to participate in That’s My DJ! -MinM

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Palistine May 3, 2013 - 3:32 pm

Much Love to the Illixer for the feature and mad props to the big homie Kritakal!


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