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Emmitt James – “Close” (Video)

by Miracle

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Until I’m A Dead Poet (listen/download)

 Our favorite emcee / poet Emmitt James served the net with a new video earlier this week. The visuals are for his song “Close,” which appears on his latest EP, Until I’m A Dead Poet. Emmitt produced the track himself and it has an interesting make up. It contains versatile production that switches up to match the tone in the hook and verses. The hook has a featherweight nature to it with soft vocals and moving lyrics. The verses are a bit more aggressive in nature and Emmitt provides a high-strung flow with emotional rhymes. Overall, it’s an eclectic yet solid record.

The video was shot and edited by Kyle Behnke and directed by Emmitt. The location for the video is Stevens Point, WI. The single serves as a tale that explores the complicated relationship between Emmitt and other Hip-Hop artists. Specifically, he touches on how his hunger sets him apart from the pack. To represent this theme in the video, he used the metaphor of a struggling couple. The couple is played by Clarence Brown and Caitlin Lindsay. The video starts off with Lindsay and Brown having some words over the phone. Brown feels bad afterwards and texts Lindsay to meet up so that the two can try to talk things out. She reluctantly agrees and they get together at a coffee shop. Unfortunately, things don’t go too well in person either. The video ends with Brown storming out and then having a change of heart. He rushes back into the coffee place but he is too late. Lindsay has already departed. It should be noted that Emmitt James makes a subtle cameo appearance in the flick. In the end, this was a satisfying piece.

**My Two Cents: This was really well done. I love the approach that Emmitt decided to take. It was a different way to get his point across. Also, Clarence Brown and Caitlin Lindsay were wonderful actors. I definitely think readers should take the time to give this one a view or two. For an additional look into the world of Emmitt James, check him out on Tumblr. -MinM

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