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News: New App Changes Concert Experience

by Miracle


(Photos By Itunes)

Looks like technology is about to change the way music lovers can partake in concerts. A new iOS app has hit the market called Spacebar. The app allows artists to stream their concerts live over smartphones. They will be able to connect a smartphone to the soundboard at whatever venue they are performing at and stream the live audio in real-time. Also, they are given the option of streaming for free or allowing users to get a five minute preview before they pay. The price to continue on with the rest of the show starts at $0.99. Fans have the chance to tip artists too, anywhere from $0.99 to $2.99. Artists will receive all of their funds through PayPal.

The app will not keep any archive of the concerts and users must agree to not record and / or distribute the streamed material. Artists are also being encouraged to use the app to share with their fans during: studio sessions, tour bus rides, parties, events, etc. The app was created as a way to combat the illegal recording of concerts and other live music situations that usually takes place in the form of YouTube videos. Artists who have decided to give the app a try include: Lady Gaga, Kanye West, and John Legend. Spacebar is available for free at the Apple iTunes Store.


**My Two Cents: I am a technology geek, so I thought this sounded really cool. Also, I have definitely felt my share of disappointment from not being able to go see one of my favorite performers in concert or at a show. This is a great cheaper alternative. However, having also experienced an awesome concert or two in person, I feel this app will always be just an alternative. There is no comparison to experiencing the stage presence of your favorite talent just a few feet away from you. Plus, live audio is nice but live video would be ten times better. And there should be an Android version of the app as well. So Spacebar has some neat attributes to start off with. But I definitely think it needs a couple of updates if it’s going to give YouTube competition in the way we experience live music. -MinM

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