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Osama Thraxxx – “Thoughts” (Spoken Word Poem)

by Miracle

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“Thoughts” (listen)

Osama Thraxxx is a well respected artist in the Milwaukee area. He is associated with other local favorites like Big D. His music falls into the category of Gangsta Hip-Hop but it stands out due to it’s mixture of Southern and Mid-West style elements. Which can be accredited to the fact that Osama is originally from Mississippi. He is also the CEO of AnharKist Entertainment and uniquely enough he dabbles in poetry. So thought it would be interesting for him to make his debut on the site via his spoken word piece, “Thoughts.” Check it out below.


(Poem By Osama Thraxxx)

Money is the root to my evil

Government funded genocide killing all my people
Now we can blur the color lines
No more
Black and White
The same people that used to look down on me
They standing in the same line filling out forms for state aid with me
This shit’s a trip
I hope this hits a nerve after it leaves my lips
40 students to one teacher
Y u think the youth ain’t learning shit
These political parties sell u dummies dreams
They modern day pimps and they use us like hoes
In they schemes
Nah not me
Cause I’m a thinker like Martin and Malcolm
A revolutionary and a martyr
Cause in the end
Death is the outcome
If I could touch your heart
And open your eyes
Eventually you’ll see that all they gave us
was lies
Now you surprised
You opened up that book and obtained some knowledge
Why u think the Black Panther Party was abolished
Single mothers in the house
No fathers
Keep us crammed in public housing
In a system that’s not built for minorities to succeed
It don’t matter if whether your Asian Hispanic White or Black
We need to stand together and fight Illuminati’s plan
Now here I stand ready for the revolution
AnharKist ENT Bitch
Its Deeper than music

This was a powerfully crafted piece. It conveys a call to awareness and change by touching on some very intense themes such as: corrupt politics, education, the state of society, etc. The poem is further enhanced by elaborate word choices and standout references. It takes on a purposeful tone that really causes one to stop and think. Overall, this was an enthralling composition.

**My Two Cents: I took a liking to this piece right away. I appreciate the fact that Osama spoke his mind and wasn’t afraid to bring up controversial subjects. My favorite part of the poem is the very last line. It’s concise but at the same time it says a lot. Much love to Osama Thraxxx for allowing me to share his work. Stay tuned to get a feel for what he has to offer musically. -MinM

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