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News: Lauryn Hill Gets Sentenced

by Miracle

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On a recent segment of the Illuminati Roundtable, site contributor Pooh Bailey filled the readers in on veteran artist Lauryn Hill‘s tax and legal troubles. Since there was a new development in the situation, thought readers might like an update. Yesterday (5/6) the femcee / singer / actress lost her court battle over her taxes and was sentenced to three months in federal prison. Her crime was not reporting over $2 million worth of income during the course of a five year period. In addition to the time, Lauryn must also complete three months of home confinement which will include electronic monitoring. The news came as a blow to Lauryn as she had paid over $900,000 in restitution in hopes of satisfying the IRS and avoiding any legal consequences. She even came out of retirement and signed a $1 million record deal with Sony to help cover the rest of what she owed. Lauryn claims she got so behind on the debt because she hit some financial hardships due to her absence from music and unspecified personal issues.

Taxes aren’t the only thing Lauryn has been accused of not paying either. Last month, Hill was sued for squatting in a mansion in South Orange, New Jersey. She has been residing in the home since 2009. However, her landlord alleges that Hill completely stopped paying her rent back in March. Lauryn refutes said claim. On a lighter note, Lauryn released a new single last weekend. The single is the first song of her new deal. It’s titled “Neurotic Society” and can be heard below. Hill is happy about her new deal and states that the deal is one she has been working towards for years. She feels it allows her more control as an artist to create the kind of music that she desires on the proper platform. And she promises her fans that she did not ink the deal solely because of her money woes. She reports that she was ready to get back to being an artist as well.

**My Two Cents: I love Lauryn Hill but I am so tired of celebrities and their tax issues. That’s the whole purpose of having an accountant, financial adviser, etc. And I know that not everyone can be trusted when it comes to money but that’s why you also take the time to educate yourself as well. With the proper knowledge and the right guidance, celebs should never go broke or be in debt to Uncle Sam so much that they will be paying him back for the rest of their lives. On another note, that new song is not getting it. If that’s the best she can do after all these years away, she can stay retired for my tastes. Sorry Lauryn, better luck next single. -MinM

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