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Seecret Stash

Readers meet Alana Skye aka Seecret Stash. She is a Hip-Hop artist & journalist from Suisun City, California. She is described as a devoted talent that shares her failures and successes through her music to inspire other young adults in the struggle. She started freelancing for independent businesses and magazines after working for a local newspaper in her hometown.

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“Cash Rules Everything Around Me. F—k you mean, just the same jealous ass n—-s that’s around me.” I couldn’t say it any better than that. Meet Flo Kennedy, a poetic femcee from Harlem, NY. Many people say she gives them an Andre 3K / Lauryn Hill hybrid feel, and I couldn’t agree more. She gives off a sense of if Kendrick Lamar was a woman from 125th and Lennox.

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When insomnia wants you, and these naps can’t do nothing for you. Sleep ain’t loyal. Okay so when I’m tired but can’t go to sleep, I lurk on social media sites. Usually for a new recipe or the latest trend in clothes. However, I’ve noticed a few posters on various sites posting the ‘Erykah Badu / Lauryn Hill vs Beyoncé / Amber Rose’ memes. Basically, the meme states that the former is better than the latter because the former has better morals. Excuse me as I hold in my laughter. Let me help you out. Just because someone rocks a natural, sings with an acoustic guitar, and makes social awareness music (sometimes), doesn’t make them any better than their counterparts. Actually, just like preacher’s kids, the ‘Neo-Soul’ artists are the biggest hypocrites. But that’s neither here nor there. What I will do, however, is help burst that bubble you have around certain artists.

Phoenyxx Poster

Phoenyxx Flame

Phoenyxx Flame was born on May 28th, 1993 in Decatur, Ga. At age 4, Phoenyxx began taking ballet and Jazz lessons, and participating in local dance recitals, plays, and musical performances. Born into a music-obsessed family, Phoenyxx was inspired by a variety of genres ranging from Old School R&B to Country and Classic Rock. During her time at Oklahoma State University, Phoenyxx realized that she too was like a Phoenix and it was time to rise from the ashes. She credits Whitney Houston, Aaliyah, and Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, as her most major influences as a child.  Phoenyxx has big plans for 2015! Be on the lookout for her debut mixtape Year of The Phoenyxx dropping early next year, and her debut single “Rockin” will be released on Valentine’s Day.

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DJ B-Famous is a Chicago talent that made his presence felt when he attended a Milwaukee based DJ battle a while back and walked away the big winner of the night. The Illixer got to chop it up with him a little bit after his victory and he recently made contact again. Readers will get to learn more about him soon as he will be the featured DJ for the revamp of the That’s My DJ segment. This post will call attention to his latest EP, iBFAMOUS4​.​4v​:​ NASmatic. The project serves as a homage to veteran emcee Nas as it’s a twist on a collection of songs from his various albums. It contains nine tracks total and the site will dive into our three favorites after the break.