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Illuminati Roundtable: The Miseducation of Tax Debt

by Pooh Bailey

lauryn_hill_6(Photo Courtesy Of Google Images)

There are three people in this world you don’t mess with and they are the ‘I’, the ‘R’, and the ‘S’. Unfortunately, for Ms. Lauryn Hill, she had to find out the hard way. After dodging her taxes for 3 years, Uncle Sam finally told Ms. Hill to ‘not pass go, do not collect $200’. In fear of jail time, Lauryn did what we all do when times get rough. She ran back to the hand that fed her. According to TMZ: “Lauryn Hill just bought herself a couple weeks of freedom. The R&B legend was to be sentenced to prison today after pleading guilty to blowing off her 2005 – 2007 tax returns … but the sentencing was moved to May 6 to give Lauryn a chance to repay a chunk of her $968,000 tax debt. Hill’s attorney said the singer recently signed a million-dollar recording deal with Sony … she was also planning to take out a $650,000 loan to put toward the bill.”

So this means we get a new album? This would’ve been cool, maybe 10 years ago. However, you can return this back to sender. Nobody wants an album from an artist who was literally forced to do it. We already know Ms. Hill heart won’t be in it. She’s made it clear over the years how she feels about making music and the music industry. Also Ms. Hill getting a loan from the record company to pay off a debt mirrors asking your parents to let you move back into your old room. You get back to your old room and realize nothing changed. Same rules. Same atmosphere. Different date. So good luck to Ms. Hill, I guess taking a few steps back can help you move forward. Or maybe next time just Do Wop those taxes. – Pooh Bailey

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