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Taylor Mallory – “Thrift Shop” (Remix)

by Miracle

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Macklemore is a Seattle based rapper who recently rose to fame in 2012 via his candid single “Thrift Shop.” It’s a quirky number set to four star quality production that entails an upbeat core, eclectic musical components, and an amusing vibe. The hook is catchy and the content is unconventional yet entertaining. The song stands out due to it’s shunning of the usual high profile lifestyle that rappers typically brag about. Instead it embraces a less lavish way of doing things such as shopping at second hand stores. As a whole, it’s a pretty solid cut. The video is a comical viral sensation and has almost 300 million hits on YouTube alone. That is a pretty major deal.

Like  many popular songs do, “Thrift Shop” has sparked a remix or two. Level Next Music‘s own Taylor Mallory decided to take a crack at the peculiar Hip-Hop number. Once again, he created his own version of the beat through a collection of melodies, sound effects, and instruments. From there, he adds a measured pace to the hook and knocks it out with a soulful execution. He applies the same expressive approach to the first verse of the original record as well as the final break. Also, he throws more of his own flavor into the mix by adding a couple of fresh lyrics throughout the cover. Overall, this was a very inventive rendition.

**My Two Cents: I haven’t heard too many “Thrift Shop” covers at all, so this was an adventurous selection on Taylor’s part. But he knew what he was doing as he handled his business without a doubt. This is another remix that I really enjoyed despite the fact that I’m not too big on the original. Gotta respect the talent of an artist who can flip a song like that. Especially one outside of their own genre. Be sure to show Taylor some love by visiting him on the web here. -MinM

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