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Myke Bogan – Pretty Hesh (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

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“Skunk Nugs” (previous review)

Pretty Hesh (listen/download)

Portland rapper Myke Bogan presented a different side of himself to his supporters via the release of his latest work, Pretty Hesh. The mixtape hit the net last month. There are a total of nine tracks on the tape and it serves as the followup to his March release, Monkeys On The Beach. The project is said to be a likeable collective for fans old as well as new and it has received some fairly positive reviews. Find out where The Illixer stands on it after the break.

“So Beautiful”

This is the very first song on the project. The production here is clean. It is composed of a low level foundation, mellow background elements, a breezy mid-tempo pace, and a serene vibe. The hook is adequate. The delivery is charming and the lyrics have substance to them. The verses are dope. Myke utilizes a professional flow, astute wordplay, and superior rhymes. He does a standup job of communicating his feelings about the Hip-Hop game while at the same time revealing some things about himself. Observe as he spits: “I say f–k rappers who change for dead presidents. Time is of the essence. And pain is what you hear in my rhymes. I guess I’m something like Hov. If you not feeling me fine. I’m the guy that don’t ride with no f–k dudes. I don’t speak to labels. Uh-uh, I don’t trust you. Still like my drugs. And I still like my cup full. I still like my board long. I still like my trunks loose.” Refreshing bars being served up right there. Overall, this is a nice selection and an appropriate way to kick off the tape.

“Day Dollar”

The production here is of a high quality. It incorporates stylish components, a good-natured cadence, and a rich vibe. The hook is a winner too. It is actually a DJ scratching mash up of clips from songs by various rappers. Those songs include: “Over” by Drake, “Get Em High” by Kanye West, “Dirt Off Your Shoulders” by Jay Z, etc. The verses are premium. Myke brandishes a charismatic flow, innovative wordplay, and paramount rhymes. He confidently speaks on where he feels he stands in relation to his fellow artists. Some noteworthy lines are: “Another day dollar. Holler if you hear me. Most you rappers puzzled. They struggle. I let ’em fear me. Cause see really now that I have stole yo confidence, they optimistic. Cause most you rappers are incompetent to competition. Me I’m just chilling. Pouring Blue Ribbon all on my liver. Spend half the day on the s—-er. Probably scrolling through Twitter. My bars come with patients as medication leads to meditation that now has all of my n—as blazing.” Genius lyricism being put forth by Mr. Bogan in those bars. All in all, this song is a hit and a site favorite.


This is the final track on the tape. The production here is enjoyable. The rhythmical bass, polished secondary musical ingredients, middling gait, and relaxed vibe result in a delightful combination. The hook is a treasure too. The delivery has a melodic aspect to it. The lyrics are catchy and fun. The verses are fulfilling. Myke brings an effortless flow and recreational themed rhymes. He takes the listener through his way of preparing for a good time. Which primarily includes obtaining lots of alcohol and Mary Jane. A couple of interesting lines include: “I think it’s only fair that I should warn you. Grab a 175 of Jack and some orange juice. Then get a Big Grab, a Kit Kat. Just to be safe grab a six pack. And two wraps. It’s major. Special occasion. You, I need one huge favor. Give me two more orders for them Garcia Vegas. Message out there for you non-smokers. Make no exception. They the best cause they burn slowest. Call my n—as and the rest of the crew. Pitching in on an ounce we can definitely do.” Those bars prove that Myke knows exactly what it takes to throw one hell of party. In the end, this record is a banger. Also, it was an awesome way to conclude the project and is another site favorite.

**My Two Cents: Pretty Hesh is a boss mixtape. This alternate side of Myke Bogan is on point. I didn’t know quite what to expect from the tape and was blown away. Myke nailed everything from his flows to his lyrics. What won me over was the depth in his material as well as how he strung things together. And the production was a flawless companion to his contributions. I believe Hip-Hop fans of all kinds will fancy Pretty Hesh and should hit up Dat Piff pronto. As a whole, the project ranks a 4.5/5. Myke Bogan is one of my best findings on Twitter for sure. -MinM

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