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Myke Bogan – “Skunk Nugs” (Video)

by Miracle

MykeBoganSkunks(Photo By Lola Sims)

Pretty Hesh (listen/download)

Myke Bogan is a colorful artist who is originally from California but is currently doing his thing out of Portland, Oregon. He is described as a fun loving guy who likes: cheap beer, women, and weed. Earlier this month, Myke released a set of visuals for a song dubbed “Skunk Nugs.” The single appears on his current mixtape, Pretty Hesh. The tune is set to a trendy style production with groovy elements and a relaxed vibe. The content is enjoyable. Myke Bogan presents a debonair flow, quick wordplay, and choice rhymes as he fills the listener in on his recreational smoking activities. As a whole, it’s a fly record.

The video is shot in a beautiful outdoor setting. It opens with Myke Bogan doing a bit of bike riding along a boating pier area of sorts. After some time has gone by, Myke ends up on a boat himself. He is joined by a nice sized group of people. They all smoke, drink, eat, and live it up. The party on the water is the focus of the flick for the remainder of the piece. The visual winds down with: an amusing discovery made by some of the ladies on board, a bit of water diving action, and one final shot of Myke riding away on his bicycle. Overall, this was a very delightful watch.

**My Two Cents: I ran across this video on Twitter. I don’t keep up with all of the links that people tweet because these days everyone is always promoting something on the social networking site (lbvs).  But I decided to check this one out just for the heck of it and I’m glad I did. I was captivated by Myke Bogan as soon as the song came on. He’s got a lot of charisma which is evident in his music and the video was just pure fun to watch. I had to share it with readers. If readers are feeling what they see or hear, Pretty Hesh is available now via Dat Piff. The link is provided above and a mixtape review is coming soon. -MinM

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