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Far From The Average Media Group & K.O.C. Present: “Putting On For The City” (Review)

by Miracle

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Last Friday (July 19th), The Illixer headed out to Club INT’L for the first time ever. The occasion that brought the site out was the previously mentioned “Putting On For The City” event. JayPrince (Far From The Average Media Group) and Brew City King (K.O.C.) partnered up to bring something fresh to the 414 showcase scene. By 10pm the affair was in full swing. The building was swarming with people inside of the club as well as outside in the parking lot. The door was impressively staffed with: someone checking ids, another person marking guests, and the ever important presence of security. Everyone was friendly and carried out their duty in a reasonable manner. It was a great point of entry that created a very inviting aura for the event. Once inside attendees had access to a very spacious floor area, adequate seating, and a thriving bar. The most prominent feature of the club though, was the raised stage set up where all of the action for the night took place. Club INT’L has a dope lay out. As if the lower level didn’t have enough to offer, very special guests got the opportunity to venture to the upper level where the VIP area was set up. The VIP was decked out with access to the performers, pool tables, plush seats, a gaming system, and a one of a kind view of the stage. Jay and Brew really know how to roll out the red carpet, so to speak. To compliment the environment, DJ Bangaboy Kritakal kept the atmosphere buzzing with nothing but the hottest in various genres of music; while Prince & Brew provided entertaining commentary and lively spirits as hosts of the evening.

When guests weren’t indulging in their surroundings, JayPrince and Brew had no shortage of things to hold the audience’s attention on stage. There was a beat contest for producers which included work from Milwaukee’s own Kewl (Kingz Of The City). There was another contest for the ladies to see who was the best dressed female of the evening. And then of course there were the performances by the collective of different local artists. All of the acts did their thing but there were a couple that were pretty compelling. Rapper Awol was a part of the earlier sets. He put forth massive amounts of energy while performing street hits such as “Where I’m From,” “Gangsta,” and “He Actin.” He was joined by fellow artists Bizal McLoud and Inferno Highrize, who definitely took things to a whole different level. The next act to stand out was Kingz Of The City. The fellas represented well and put on a great unified display. They performed songs like their smash city anthem “Sets” and even turned it down a notch on a more personal tip with a version of “Been Thru It All” by member Metro. A final act that left their mark for the night was JayPrince himself. His cool breeze demeanor, savvy quality rhymes, and enterprising stage presence were a successful combination. He rocked the mic with cuts like “Get Up & Get It,” “Stand And Deliver,” and “Seven Figure Dreams.” The night concluded on just as high of a note as it began. Overall, “Putting On For The City” was a very worthwhile event.

**My Two Cents: This was my first time attending an event at Club INT’L. It was also my first time getting to meet JayPrince and experiencing his music. I thoroughly enjoyed everything. The club had a nice interior. Jay and Brew utilized the space very well. The front door set up was some of the most efficient I’ve ever seen at an event. The VIP area was an awesome touch too. And the performers were smartly chosen. They all delivered and kept the crowd engaged. It was a triumphant night and I hear the fellas are already planning for a part two. I’m definitely looking forward to it. Much love to JayPrince and Brew City King for a job well done and for inviting me out! -MinM

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