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PrettyHeshCover(Photo By Dat Piff)

“Skunk Nugs” (previous review)

Pretty Hesh (listen/download)

Portland rapper Myke Bogan presented a different side of himself to his supporters via the release of his latest work, Pretty Hesh. The mixtape hit the net last month. There are a total of nine tracks on the tape and it serves as the followup to his March release, Monkeys On The Beach. The project is said to be a likeable collective for fans old as well as new and it has received some fairly positive reviews. Find out where The Illixer stands on it after the break.

MykeBoganSkunks(Photo By Lola Sims)

Pretty Hesh (listen/download)

Myke Bogan is a colorful artist who is originally from California but is currently doing his thing out of Portland, Oregon. He is described as a fun loving guy who likes: cheap beer, women, and weed. Earlier this month, Myke released a set of visuals for a song dubbed “Skunk Nugs.” The single appears on his current mixtape, Pretty Hesh. The tune is set to a trendy style production with groovy elements and a relaxed vibe. The content is enjoyable. Myke Bogan presents a debonair flow, quick wordplay, and choice rhymes as he fills the listener in on his recreational smoking activities. As a whole, it’s a fly record.