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Pizzle – “Doubts”

by Miracle

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“Doubts” (listen/download)

“Doubts” is the latest offering from 414 emcee Pizzle. A little while back, he previewed a snippet of the song on the new popular social media site Vine and his supporters have been yearning for the full version of the track ever since. The record incorporates production from Derelle Rideout of Elusive Orkestra as well as minor vocal work from artists Gerald Walker and Genesis Renji. It serves as the official establishing of Pizzle as a member of the Gold Mobb regime. Which makes the opening words from leader Cardo, a proper way to start things off. The production here is A-1. It is composed of: a bass with a healthy knock, plush musical ingredients, an enticing rhythm, and an optimistic vibe. The hook is sterling too. The delivery is uniquely executed via a gruff tone. The lyrics are unprecedented and definitely worth highlighting. Lines like: “Obey the lights. Reach for the stars. Never touch the ground. Catch a case. Don’t accept the plea. Take that s–t to trial. I got a heart full of pride. And a pocket full of doubts. I got a heart full of pride. And a pocket full of doubts. Sometimes I trip over my laces. But I call it dream chasing,” are sure to grab the attention of any listener. The verses are kosher. Pizzle exhibits a resourceful flow, dexterous wordplay, and prodigious rhymes. He does an immaculate job of demonstrating why he was added to the Gold Mobb team. Overall, this single is a banger and one of Pizzle’s best joints thus far.

**My Two Cents: I understand why people were so anxious to hear this after the Vine clip. The song is crazy good. Pizzle wrecked the verses, the hook is super catchy, and the beat is perfection. Elusive Orkestra has some seriously talented producers on deck. And Gold Mobb is shaping into a nice little squad as well. Readers need to be bumping this one for sure. -MinM

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