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Music Quickies: Klassik – Seasons (LP)

by Miracle

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Milwaukee superstar Klassik finally brought his seasonal themed EP venture full circle with a release of the Seasons LP last month. The project captures the essence of the EPs by taking things a step further than just enveloping the listener in the auditory version of certain weather types. It additionally represents the old school adage of people coming & going in one’s life just like a season and the personal impact that it can have.

The album has a few singles from each EP but also incorporates some fresh new tracks that have never been released before as well. There are 12 songs total. So not an overwhelming amount but enough to give a solid variety. Together the collective relays Klassik’s life experiences in a way that is easy to identify with. The project’s purpose is carried out via themes such as: love, loss, acceptance, triumph, defeat, etc. Guest appearances are made by artists like BoneLang, B~Free, ¡Oye!, and more. The LP can be previewed on Sound Cloud and/or purchased via iTunes. As an added bonus, the video for the second single from the offering “Hi Klass” is currently in rotation and can be viewed above. So be sure to give that a whirl as well. -MinM

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