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Ryan Serene – “Golden”

by Miracle

Golden Dark FNL(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Windy city talent Ryan Serene is keeping the new tunes coming. His latest offering is a track titled “Golden.” It is described as a tale of tragedy and triumph that gives the listener a raw unapologetic glimpse into the rapper’s life. This is said to be the most open & personal that Serene has ever gotten with his music. The content is influenced by real life events.

The production here is multifaceted. It incorporates a subtle pensive structure to capture the essence of the hardships that are mentioned in the song. But then it also includes a more spirited uplifting arrangement to represent the hope that results from overcoming all of the struggles. That’s a clever little setup. The hook is adequate. The delivery is passionate and the lyrics are motivational. The verses are gripping. Ryan Serene puts forth a meditative flow, thorough wordplay, and troubling rhymes. He touches on some pretty heavy topics as he recalls various memories from his personal life growing up. A handful of emotion stirring lines include: “Born in that house of horror. I vow to be different. Nothing like my father. My root of existence. Mean no disrespect. But I can’t deny the facts. My mother suffered for years at that man’s hands. Beaten and bruised, she hit rock bottom. Missed 20 years of my life hitting that f–king bottle. As for my father, his distance was a blessing. He knew he had his issues. Stayed away as protection.” Those bars right there paint a brutally honest picture of domestic violence and the domino effect it can have on people’s lives. A very touchy subject to discuss. Overall, this is a brave and commendable effort by Mr. Serene.

**My Two Cents: This is a harrowing selection. Ryan really pours his heart out regarding some rough details in his life. It could not have been easy for him to revisit those old wounds. That takes a lot of guts. And he demonstrates a lot of strength with his perseverance at the end. So he gets the thumbs up for that alone. The production is pretty solid too though. I love the way it’s tailored to the different sentiments within the song. I think readers will be able to vibe with this one as well as appreciate the story behind it. So go ahead and give it an ear. -MinM

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