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Klassik – Winter EP (EP Review)

by Pooh Bailey

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When you think of Winter, what comes to mind? Snow. Cold. Holidays. Eggnog Lattes. Klassik. Wait, Klassik? Yes, Klassik. In mid-January of 2015, Milwaukee-native Klassik, released his new three song project, the Winter EP. The Winter EP is the first of four from Klassik’s Seasons series. First, let me tell you when I say I’m a huge fan of Klassik. Ever since I saw him perform at Stonefly on Milwaukee’s east-side with violins and so much ambition, I knew he was a star. And the Winter EP proves it. Three songs weren’t enough for me (because again I’m a fan) but it’s enough for occasional listeners to get acquainted/reacquainted with the ever so talented rapper. Three songs is all you need and here’s why…


This track grabs your attention within the first three seconds. The beat is the prologue to a song. It builds anticipation in which the rapper takes advantage of. And advantage is being well caressed. Klassik’s flow takes us back to Andre 3000 on “Elevators (Me & You).” A hungry rapper who knows he can takeover with little to no help. With a catchy hook, you the listener will see why his time is now.

“Andromeda” F/ BoneLang

Kudos to BoneLang for his attack on this track. BoneLang has the type of delivery that is an acquired taste, but it was executed so perfectly on this piece. Followed by Klassik, who turns on his lover boy charm. Accompanied by a hypnotic production, both BoneLang and Klassik came at this track from different standpoints. And it worked.

“Mind Over Matter” F/ ¡Oye!

If Winter could be describe in one song, “Mind Over Matter” would be it. The hook is beautiful. It’s a wonderful synopsis of how a lot of our Winters go. Again, production was grade A. I don’t know who ¡Oye! is but I will be searching and finding out about him. He comes off as another gem that needs to be heard. “Mind Over Matter” shows why I’m a fan of Klassik. Klassik knows how to make his bars sound like poetry and not forced gibberish.

The Winter EP is small but says a lot. With the fusion of Hip-Hop and other genres, Klassik delivers what many can’t, an authentic project. What you will quickly learn from listening to this EP is that great music can’t be duplicated. Klassik takes what he has learned from those before him and created his own sound. True, he gives off an Andre 3000 style with his flow but even with that he flipped it and made it his. So go ahead and download the Winter EP, don’t be a STRNGR. -Pooh Bailey

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