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The Movie Council – Project Almanac (Kal’L Review)

by Miracle

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Every once in a while you have the urge to go see a movie but realize that nothing too noteworthy is playing. So you roll the dice, take your chances on an underdog film, and hope for the best. The Movie Council’s own Kal’L had such an experience just yesterday as he took a gamble on a rarely heard of new release titled Project Almanac. Project Almanac centers around the premise of a group of friends who decide to create a time machine for their own personal benefits. They build the device successfully but then in roll the consequences. The fate of humanity lies in their hands as they must go back in time and ensure the machine never comes into fruition or face the ultimate form of destruction. Kal was intrigued by the time traveling theme of the flick and decided to give it a go.

First up is Kal’s thoughts on director Dean Israelite‘s take on the film. He thoroughly enjoys it. The first person angle is a highlight for the movie buff and he likes the fact that it flows smoother than most films done in first person (Cloverfield, The Blair Witch Project). The good news continues as he moves on to the writing of the film. The script is a product of two writers: Jason Pagan and Andrew Deutschman. This is their first joint effort to hit the big screen and it lands well. Kal feels like it’s satisfying with no corny lines and is effortless to follow even with all of the science involved.

The acting also breeds some favorable feedback despite the fact that the cast doesn’t carry any blockbuster names. Jonny Weston takes on the lead role in this flick as David Raskin. He is one of the three masterminds behind the actual development of the time machine. Kal states that he carries the story impressively well considering he’s only done small roles in previous movies. And then comes another first for a movie council review – NO negatives! Mr. Gage couldn’t think of one bad thing to say about the motion picture. That is unheard of but he feels it is tightly put together, realistic, and leaves no stone unturned. So of course logically, his final verdict is that viewers catch this one on their next trip to the theaters. He believes everyone will be in for a pleasant surprise.

**My Two Cents: I had no idea about this movie until I caught this review. Haven’t seen a trailer or anything. Time traveling isn’t my cup of tea but the concept sounds kind of neat. And Kal gives a very enthusiastic run down of the movie from start to finish. He did admit to having a slight bias due to the subject matter though. So it would’ve of been nice if he twisted the arm of one of the other council members who might not be as into the content to check it out and give feedback too. Gives more balance and a differing perspective. But overall it’s an affective webisode. Makes one give serious consideration to a motion picture that they might overlook otherwise. Be sure to drop some comments on the video if you do go see Project Almanac and as always visit the links at the start of the post for more TMC goodness. -MinM

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