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Sonick – “The Streetz”

by Miracle


photo.php(Photo By Sonick)

Avid site supporter and 414 artist Sonick sent over a few of his newer tunes not too long ago. He gave The Illixer his blessing to select a single out of the bunch for review and the record that was chosen is dubbed “The Streetz.” It should be noted that this offering has not officially been released yet.

The production here is sleek. The rich bass, wavy background components, trendy rhythm, and urban vibe make for an A-1 mixture. The hook is dope as well. It consists of a sample of “Bad Man” by veteran R&B singer R. Kelly. The clip fits in nicely with the context of the song. The verses are choice. Sonick disperses a clean cut flow, gritty wordplay, and hood savvy rhymes. He gives a raw portrait of what life is like for those on the rougher side of the tracks. A highlight from his enlightenment includes: “What I done learned up in these streets, it’s always something with these streets. N—as that you call yo homies will sling mud on you to get your piece. N—as that you hustle with will bust you down to get your cheese. Even blood will kill you blood. It ain’t no love up in these streets. That’s why I keep my pistol loaded. I’m about my issue. I take on the biggest n—a like I don’t know that I’m little.” Those are some crucial bars from the Mid-West talent. All in all, this record is a banger.

**My Two Cents: I love this joint. The production is super polished and Sonick goes in on the content tip. He really serves up a lot of truth about the nature of the street life. It’s not sweet at all. This is definitely my favorite song of his thus far. For more with Sonick, readers can check out “Heaven Or Hell” and “F–k N—as” currently on his Sound Cloud page. -MinM


ROCKZ February 2, 2015 - 3:04 pm



Miracle February 2, 2015 - 3:52 pm

Thanks for reading and the continued support. Much love chica <3!

Sonick414 February 10, 2015 - 9:05 pm

Thanks Rockz, ‘preciate that. This is my favorite review so far. Miracle made it sound super dope lbvs. #Salute #YallDope


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