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Rabbi Rik[O] F/ Kevin Cool – “In The Jungle”

by Miracle

artworks-000104563594-41ryep-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Rabbi Rik[O] is a member of the Los Angeles collective Skyyboxx Clan. It consists of four members total. Other members besides Rabbi include: Chucc Schwartz, J Childs, and FIG Fooley. He is in his early twenties and reps for the Crenshaw District of LA. He recently released a completely original track called “In The Jungle” The song features a guest appearance from Kevin Cool of the Divine Atoms family. D’Elements serves as the producer of the track.

The production here is offbeat. The settled base, unorthodox supporting details, slower style tempo, and intriguing vibe result in an innovative pairing. The hook is on a different level as well. The delivery is atypical and the lyrics are straightforward. The verses are of a reputable quality. The fellas utilize distinguishable flows, solid wordplay, and sufficient rhymes. They do a first-rate job of bringing the essence of the phrase in the title to life. A few lines to be aware of are: “Concrete jungle, concrete struggle. Survival of the fittest. Beast on the hustle. Swinging with the crew. On the prowl for the loot. Down for my team. Don’t shoot my troops. All of these cheetahs, laughing hyenas, cubs on the block want stripes like zebras. Watch your back cause the lion might creep up.” The imagery painted in those words right there is brilliant. Overall, this is a satisfying offering.

**My Two Cents: This is a nice little selection. The style & sound are slightly unusual but that’s refreshing. And the duo handle the content in a commendable fashion. I really love the way life in the streets is intertwined with all of the jungle references. That is a slick way to approach the theme of the song. I think readers will agree. For more with Skyyboxx Clan, readers can check out their Sound Cloud on Sundays for a venture titled #SkyyboxxSundaze. Much love to our Divine Atoms peeps for bringing this tune to our attention. -MinM

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