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The Movie Council & Elite League Ent – The Boy Next Door (Review)

by Miracle

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Love her or hate her, there is no denying that when veteran diva Jennifer Lopez attaches her name to something, it becomes a pretty big deal. So it’s no surprise that her return back to the big screen made some pretty huge waves. On the 23rd of this month, her latest flick The Boy Next Door hit theaters with a promising look to be all one could hope for in a sizzling new Thriller. JLo takes on the role of Claire. Claire is a freshly separated teacher who happens to capture the attention of her new teenage neighbor Noah. When the two elevate their flirtationship to the next level, things take a dreaded turn for the worst. TMC’s Rich P. and Kal’L were on deck to watch the dangerous affair play out and they invited three lovely ladies along for the ride. Singer/songwriter/rapper/model/CEO & Founder of Elite League Entertainment Kaylee Crossfire along with fellow Elite League Entertainment models Gina Nicole and Topaz were in the building to provide a female perspective on the flick. They also serve as the first ever guests on a webisode. See what the gang thought of the movie after the break.

Staying true to the five category break down format, the review gets underway with Kal speaking on the directing. The director for this venture is Rob Cohen. Cohen has some great action films under his belt (XXX, The Fast And The Furious). So the expectations for his work are pretty high. And according to Mr. Gage, Cohen delivers. He states that the directing is clean with a few solidly done risks. Gina Nicole chimes in next on the acting. She gives both JLo and Ryan Guzman praise but admits that they had some mishaps here and there. The rest of the group pretty much agrees with her assessment.

Rich P. then jumps in with his views on the writing of the film. Barbara Curry serves as the writer on this screen play. It’s her first major motion picture film and Rich feels like she did a decent job. He feels like some of her lines weren’t delivered too well but that overall the script is up to par. Kaylee follows up with her opinions of the negatives. Where as Gina has a kinder view on the acting, Kaylee isn’t feeling it. She believes that Jennifer Lopez drops the ball a bit too much which makes her character seem painfully unaware and the storyline a tad unrealistic. Rich is understanding of her stance but Topaz takes on the role of devil’s advocate. She provides a thoughtful defense to why Jennifer’s character has to come off the way she does. It’s an intriguing bit of back & forth. Topaz then gives her perspective on the movie as a whole. She’s digging it from the setting to the storyline and even finds some creative ways to relate it to life here in the cheese state. So the gang’s final word on the film? They kind of end up on a mixed note. Some say go see it. Others say pass on this one. To see who voted which way, you’ll just have to watch.

**My Two Cents: I mess with Jennifer Lopez more so on the acting front than I do the music. So I am pretty interested in checking out this flick. Plus as is mentioned in the review, this is her first film in quite some time. I don’t have any high expectations for the movie though so I am not too surprised with the tone of this review. I love how everyone is very open with their opinions and are not afraid to speak up. And the group has a diverting rapport going on. I was hoping more so for a male vs. female reaction to the scenario presented in the storyline though. I think that would’ve made for a deeper discussion. But all in all, this is another official review from TMC. Make sure to visit the council’s new and improved Instagram (see above) account after checking out the review for bloopers featuring the ladies and so much more. -MinM

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