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Klassik – Spring EP (EP Review)

by Pooh Bailey

unnamed(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Spring. After negative wind-chills, non-stop snow, and bosses who don’t care about the weather, we all need Spring. And that is where Klassik comes in. The Spring EP is the second installment released in Klassik’s four part Seasons series. Spring is the season of rebirth and rejuvenation. And that ladies and gentlemen is what this three track EP will bring you. Klassik does what he does best and that is what carries this EP.

“Go Far”

We always brag about Klassik’s lyricism but never his brilliance on the boards. The vibe is of this track is so exhilarating. Out of the three tracks, this is my absolute favorite. It’s a bottom to the top track that makes you want to ask Klassik what you need to do to get him there.

“Know it All” (produced by Mag Spencer)

If Revenge of the Nerds was released in 2015, this song would be on the soundtrack. Klassik’s fast-paced spitting on this 80s/15 beat is really dope. However, after a few spins the beat would annoy you and make you throw away your Mario Kart video game. Klassik’s contribution will consistently keep your attention though.

“Otha Fish” F/ OYE!

The catchy hook (no pun intended) and the horns on this track are what makes Klassik stand out from the others. Klassik is flowing like water, while OYE! jumps on the track like a game of double dutch. This is the perfect track to ride down Brady street to at 2am.

Sticking to the theme, the Spring EP is a great follow up to the Winter EP. Klassik continues to prove that being yourself will get you further than pretending to be someone you saw on television. The Spring EP definitely embraces that. So do yourself a favor and download this as well as the last effort. Trust me it’s worth the bandwidth. And before you get tired of it, the third installment will be here. – Pooh Bailey

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