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Chucc Schwartz – “Drunken Affairs”

by Miracle

Drunken Affairs II S.C.(Photo By SkyyBoxx Clan)

Earlier this year, readers were introduced to Rabbi Rik[O] of Los Angeles faction, SkyyBoxx Clan. His feature went over pretty well. Thus decided to put readers on to another member of the group. This one goes by the name of Chucc Schwartz. His team sent over a single coined “Drunken Affairs.” The single is set to be featured on an upcoming project dubbed Summer Solace. Said project will be a joint effort between Chucc and his fellow teammate FIG Fooley. Fooley just so happens to the the producer of this song as well.

The production here is cool. The low key foundation, quirky background elements, breezy pace, and carefree vibe make for an entertaining mixture. The hook is fresh. The delivery contains a captivating melody and the lyrics are fitting. The verses are interesting. Chucc Schwartz supplies a very distinctive flow, colorful wordplay, and natural rhymes. He gives an open and honest account of his dealings with the ladies for the listener. A highlight from his sharing includes: “Next time, game plan dog and peep the scenery. Know your locations while fornicating relations. Treat everyday like it’s new and don’t ever just get complacent. Trust me I know you anxious. Give it a little patience. What you doing is wrong. So karma won’t be too gracious. Yeah, I guess that’s life and the way it be. Eternal hangover every time she think of me.” Those are some dapper bars right there. The record concludes with a brief yet likable female response. All in all, this track is a hit.

**My Two Cents: I really dig this song. It caught and maintained my attention from beginning to end. The production is something that doesn’t sound like everything else that’s out right now. And Mr. Schwartz went all in on the content. He has a great style as well as a favorable way with words. Definitely will be keeping my ears on him in the future. Readers need to check this out pronto. -MinM

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