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Genesis Renji – “Rubbish”

by Miracle

artworks-000121829142-pf8mba-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Genesis Renji is making sure to keep his mic skills fresh by dropping new stand alone tracks every so often. An admirable undertaking and a real gift for fans coming from an artist of his caliber. Amongst his latest efforts is a track dubbed “Rubbish.” It is produced by XYZ and is nothing like it’s name suggests.

The production here is cool in an unconventional sense. The underlying base, distinctive background ingredients, nonchalant tempo, and sedated vibe make for a flawless mixture. No hook is utilized on this record. Everything is spaced out well enough where one isn’t really missed though. Plus, the rhymes carry the song quite well. The extensive bars are mint. Genesis Renji sports a slick flow, cunning wordplay, and cultivated rhymes. He gives the listener a premium example of what a true lyrical exercise is all about. A couple of superior lines include: “Kevin Fortune hit my line like ‘Bro, why you text me this? Gen are you drunk?’ (Skuurrrr) N—a, I woke up like this. Empty XO bottle. I’m living fast and furious. Rest in peace Paul Walker. Middle finger to Scott Walker. And each American party. Either an elephant in the room. Or a jackass acting a donkey. How Ironic. Double-think. No wonder The Gemini so headstrong. Love the stubborn type. But leave the Bulls alone.” The play on words happening in that snippet is ridiculously dope. As a whole, this is a must hear loosie from the House Of Renji talent.

**My Two Cents: Genesis Renji never ever disappoints. He gives entertainment for those who just like to vibe out to their music. But also slips in a bit of depth for those who like to think and run lines back. The content of this musical workout is really nicely done. And the production is great too. It aligns perfectly with the purpose of this selection. Nothing more to say except press play asap. -MinM

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