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Montrey Slayton – “Cake” (Early Review)

by Miracle

1932260_263281813853317_622879537_n(Photography By Rick Porter, Graphic By Kal’L Gage)

“Cake” (listen/download)

Milwaukee’s own Montrey Slayton (LT Management Group) is amongst the collective of previously mentioned artists who will be supplying the masses with hot new music to go with their nicer weather here within the next few months or so. He has decided to release a new EP called Melody Within (awesome title). It will drop sometime during the Summer. To go along with the big announcement, Montrey decided to share the album’s first single with his supporters. It’s aptly coined “Cake” and happens to be Montrey’s favorite song off of the upcoming project.

The production here is of four star quality. The level foundation, elegant musical ingredients, gradual tempo. and penitent vibe mix favorably together. The hook is novel. The vocals are finely delivered and the lyrics are honest. The verses are gratifying. Montrey exhibits top notch harmonies and emotional lyrics. He takes the listener through the complicated scenario of having deep feelings for two women and ultimately having to let one go. A couple of lines worth mentioning are: “Can somebody tell me, tell me what to do? Cause I love her. But I wanna be with you. What am I supposed to do? Huh? Cause these hotel rooms are looking too familiar. If my baby find out she would probably kill us. And I hate that I enjoy it. What am I supposed to do?” Those words right there paint a heavy situation. All in all, this is a dope record and a perfect way to generate buzz for the EP.

**My Two Cents: This was a wonderful track. It was expertly put together from the production to the content. Also, Montrey sounded great. This is the best I’ve heard him on a song to date. I can certainly see why it’s his favorite as well as why he wanted to leak it. Melody Within is going to be a seriously winning project if “Cake” is just a rough preview of what’s to come. I can’t wait. Be sure to visit Montrey Slayton on Facebook (see above) to stay up to date with: future music leaks, videos, news, and more. The Illixer will be keeping track of him as well. -MinM

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