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Loud Management Presents: #ISupport Volume 3 – Donnie Dizzle

by Miracle

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#ISupport Volume 1 (listen/download)

#ISupport Volume 2 (listen/download)

Donnie Dizzle is a well known name within the local 414 music scene. He is the CEO and founder of Mob Family Ent and is known for his work with other Milwaukee based artists such as Son Em’ All and Queen SaSSy, just to name a few. He also has a strong reputation for putting on quality performances at various local events & shows.

The single he contributed to the #ISupport Volume 3 mixtape is dubbed “Based On A True Story II.” Here is what he had to say about the track: “The song I chose to be a part of the #ISupport Volume 3 project is based on my real life. The beat was produced by a New York producer by the name of Chill. The track gives a breakdown on how I have grown from doing seven years in prison to becoming an O.G who is wiser and smarter now.”

Donnie Dizzle Defines Support As: “My definition of support as it pertains to the music world is more than and bigger than likes and shares on Facebook.  Support  comes from the heart when someone believes in another and will support them no matter their social status. Drive and determination is what will attract support in the music world. Support is going up to events even if there is a fee to enter. Support is purchasing a local artist’s project even if you’re not a fan of the artist.”

Donnie Dizzle is definitely giving a great story to the people with his selection on the upcoming tape. And he has one of the more intriguing breakdowns of the meaning of the word support in the campaign thus far as well. If readers are interested in more with Donnie they can catch him on Sound Cloud and Twitter. Don’t forget the release of #ISupport Volume 3 is happening via a showcase taking place at Jesse’s Bar on the 18th at 9pm. Peep the flyer below for further details. -MinM


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