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Versailles The Everything – “Phantom”

by Miracle

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Versailles The Everything (Divine Atoms) decided to treat her supporters to new music for her born day, which is an activity that a lot of artists tend to participate in. However, she didn’t just release one track. Instead she released a song for every day of her birthday week courtesy of a venture she calls The Weekly Dose. This is her second time hosting the venture. Later she revealed that the undertaking doubled as the unveiling of her new EP Trip V.  That is a pretty savvy strategy and definitely something that sets her apart from her peers. Her team decided to highlight a specific track from the new collective coined “Phantom” and sent it over to the site.

The production here is smooth. It consists of: an understated bass, quiet menacing secondary components, a passive tempo, and a cutting vibe. The hook is fierce. The delivery is gripping and the lyrics have a sinister tone to them. The verses are raw. Versailles The Everything slays with a subtle flow, tough wordplay, and hardcore rhymes. The details for this selection state that it represents the Florida talent taking out her fellow rappers in a ghostly fashion. She definitely collected some bodies for sure. A highlight from her slaughter includes: “Anybody who said I ain’t made it yet just wait for that. I could f–k the game in all positions. Never play with that. And I work for the fact that I just gotta be the best in Rap. But for what is that? I don’t keep friendships. I keep associates. Claiming I’m your homie. Rappers trying to be the closest, s–t. But I gotta eat. And we ain’t sharing. We ain’t buddies b—h. And if you wanna test me better study b—h. Boy I blew up your Hip-Hop.” Versailles The Everything snapped in those bars right there. As a whole, this selection is a banger.

**My Two Cents: I am becoming a strong fan of Ms. Versailles The Everything. She played no games on this record. The production is on a silent but deadly type of level and she embodied that essence flawlessly. The hook is crazy and the verses take no prisoners. This is one of my favorite songs of the moment by any artist period. A must listen for sure. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the new EP by clicking on the link provided at the beginning of the post. -MinM

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