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Signif – “The L Word (LikeLustLove)” (Video)

by Miracle

L word 5(Photo By Signif)

Back in May, Milwaukee/New York artist Signif released a single called “The L Word (LikeLustLove).” It was produced by London producer Moteleola and appears on her current offering Friction. A review of the single can be read here. At the end of last month a video for the record surfaced. It is the very first visual to come about from the aforementioned album. Readers can lay their eyes on the flick after the break.

The video is directed by Darren A. Cole. The concept for the video is relatively easy to follow. It focuses on Signif and the special man in her life as they spend some quality time with one another. The viewer is privy to beautiful heartfelt moments such as the pair: having coffee together, cuddled up & conversing (see post photo), going on a snowy stroll, etc. In between their adorable story are a sprinkling of live performance clips. Said clips happen to be of Signif during one of her trips here to the 414. It’s at The Uptowner to be exact. Lots of familiar faces can be seen jamming with the talented Hip-Hop diva. The effort concludes with a quick montage of the happy couple and then transitions into some Paris footage from Signif’s previous journey overseas. All in all, this is a finely done vision.

**My Two Cents: I am so here for this video. Signif and her co-star had an awesome chemistry. This is truly a great representation of Black love. And I think it is super dope that she included the Milwaukee show footage as well. It’s always nice to see people recognizing and giving props to where they’re from. Especially after they’ve relocated. Readers definitely need to set aside about three minutes or so and take a peek. -MinM

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