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10419438_593776380728517_8767927285943472479_n(Photos By Bizal McLoud)

#ISupport Volume 1 (listen/download)

#ISupport Volume 2 (listen/download)

Donnie Dizzle is a well known name within the local 414 music scene. He is the CEO and founder of Mob Family Ent and is known for his work with other Milwaukee based artists such as Son Em’ All and Queen SaSSy, just to name a few. He also has a strong reputation for putting on quality performances at various local events & shows.

(Photo By Center Stage Management, LLC)


Queen SaSSy is a female emcee holding it down for the Mil. Though a girly girl in appearance, she packs a bold personality and tough rhymes. She prides herself on being a diverse talent and on bringing something original to the game. She plans to take her career to soaring heights. With credits like being in the top 10 for Milwaukee artists on Reverb Nation, she is off to a nice start. She held the number one spot for quite some time too. Presently she is pushing her signature single, “Hoodies N Heels.” The song is a likeable ladies’ anthem and is held in high regards by SaSSy’s supporters.