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Lou CharLe$ – Sink Or Swim (EP Review)

by Miracle

a4070498374_10(Photo By Band Camp)

“Rich Kid$” (previous review)

“Jackie Moon” (previous review)

“Spotlight” (Live That Life)” (previous review)

After giving his fans a handful of leaks off of the project (see above), Lou CharLe$ officially released the full version of his EP Sink Or Swim a while back. It contains nine total tracks that depict Lou’s perspective on the world as well as the significance of the offering itself. It is described as a versatile collective that has something for everyone, from the deep thinking intellectual to the energetic party animal. Continue reading after the break to find out which additional tracks caught The Illixer‘s attention and if the site agrees with the aforementioned summary.

“Fresh Prince”
This song opens up with a short clip from it’s beloved 90’s television namesake. From there, the production kicks in. It is of a graceful quality. The clean level base, restful background details, unhurried tempo, and breezy vibe make for a refreshing combination. The hook is sharp too. The delivery is valid and the lyrics are worthwhile. The verses are satisfying. Lou CharLe$ dispenses a uniform flow, adequate wordplay, and sufficient rhymes. He sells himself as the ‘Prince’ of the music game in a relatively believable manner. Observe as he spits: “Walking it how I talk it, while keeping my tongue cautious. But it’s gorgeous, how can you ignore? Expensive taste. My free-time you can’t afford it. All imported, my liquor and my women. Pop a pill, now they spinning. As for me, I’m juice & ginning. Pretending, most you n—as faking. You ain’t gotta lie to kick it, we don’t mix it with the basic. Face it, we cooler than your average. Chase fortune, f–k fame, if you want it you can have it.” Those are some seriously groovy bars right there that certainly paint a grandiose image. All in all, this track is a winner.
“Round & Round” F/ Tunk
The production here is fetching. The rhythmical foundation, subtle yet pulling musical elements, middling gait, and savvy vibe result in a pleasing mixture. The hook is great. The delivery stands out and the lyrics are entertaining. The verses are legitimate. Lou nails the first and last half of the record, while Tunk successfully steers the second portion. Both artists serve up transparent flows, slick wordplay, and assertive urban lyrics. The duo give the listener a delectable sample of that signature Texas flavor. A handful of notable lines from Lou CharLe$ include: “When it come to whoring a young n—a Jordan. Side b—h for every side b—h to dodge boredom. But life gone repay me the day I’m blessed with a daughter and gotta protect her from n—as just like her father. Oh, that’s Karma. Look what life conjured. Living in fear the sins of my youth gone leave me cornered.” One has to admire the fact that these bars contain a player element laced with a little bit of knowledge. As a whole, this is another notable effort as well as a site favorite.
**My Two Cents: Due to the fact that three of Sink Of Swim‘s selections were previously covered and it is a shorter work, I decided to only highlight a couple of extra songs for the review. The EP is a consistent project. The production is copacetic. The listener can tell that Lou CharLes$ really put some effort into the content. And an air of versatility is indeed present. However, the lyrical aspect could be just a tad stronger and inventive. Also, Lou’s flow could sit just a little more comfortably in certain beats. He’s young, so he still has time to hone his pen game and iron out his delivery. Sink Or Swim is certainly still worth listening to though. It’s a nice brief journey through the Texas talent’s vision. Additionally, readers should note that the visuals for the record that originally got Lou placed on the site (“Rich Kids”) can be found below. It’s a delightful watch. -MinM

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