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Lou CharLe$ – “Spotlight (Live That Life)”

by Miracle

DqczQJtwPjw54F8be721H078s_aRR-vlkLpFOzhhVP8-1(Photo By Christian Tovar)

Lou CharLe$ released a brand new single towards the end of last month. It’s quite the change of pace from his previous features on the site. It’s coined “Spotlight (Live That Life)” and is produced by Ish D. The track is also scheduled to appear on his upcoming EP Sink Or Swim.

The production here is extremely likeable. The easy going bass, balmy supporting details, mellow tempo, and uninhibited vibe pair up finely together. The hook is attractive as well. The delivery & vocals work harmoniously together. The lyrics are straightforward. The verses are official. Lou CharLe$ imparts a casual flow, descriptive wordplay, and telling rhymes. He relays the story of a troubled young woman with a desire for the finer things in life. An individual that everyone has surely encountered before. A snippet from his tale includes: “Bad and she know it. Put some pics up, booty exposing. Damn these salty hoes just ought to know they better bow down cause she on it. Local celebrity. Booking info on IG. Daddy issues plus all she been through done affected her psyche. Lifestyle is destructive. Can’t judge her for it. Ambitions, gorgeous, got her eyes on Forbes list. She just wanna party, smoke weed, get her lean on. F–k somebody famous who will scoop her out that Nissan.” Those are some stirring words right there. Overall, this song is a gem.
**My Two Cents: I really enjoyed this offering. It is a nice change of pace from the Texas rapper. The production is easy on the ears. The content is entertaining yet at the same time it has a very valid meaning. And everything as a whole is of a reputable quality. This just might be my favorite submission from Lou CharLe$ thus far. Readers should certainly lend this an ear when they have a free moment. -MinM

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