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Lerix – Do As Infinity (EP Review)

by Miracle

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The Do As Infinity EP by the one and only Lerix finally hit the net not too long ago. It consists of 11 tracks total and was entirely produced by Lerix himself. He also handled all of the writing on the project as well. His desire for the EP is for it to serve as something fun, authentic, and a direct reflection of himself. So that means there is no trapping, twerking, or Molly related cuts on the album. Instead the work is described as having a modern Hip-Hop sound with an old school Hip-Hop feel. What exactly does that mean? Find out after the break.

“Off We Go”

The production here is ill. It is made up of an entry level bass, dark toned secondary components, a casual pace, and a businesslike vibe. The hook is gratifying too. The delivery is fresh and is favorably accented by deep background vocals. The lyrics are open and shut yet quote worthy. The verses are of first-class quality. Lerix gives off an accomplished flow, hard-line wordplay, and highbrow rhymes. He flexes his aptitude for blessing the mic while at the same time speaking his mind on his career and the industry. Noteworthy lines include: “Now who gone stop us? That’s something to think about. It won’t be a record label. They sinking and blinking out. Cause record execs putting they heart into they bank accounts. Bleed the art dry until the passion it flavors out. Or should we blame n—as in this game quickly selling out they souls. They embrace the pain for a taste of fame. Trading poison for their gold. They can kiss my a**. I could give two f–ks about your spins on radio.” Lerix paints some harsh realities of the music world in those bars. Overall, this is a grade A offering and a strong way to kick start the EP.

“My Fresh”

The production here is enjoyable. The rhythmic foundation, upbeat tempo, funky musical ingredients, and brazen vibe are an extremely attractive mix. The hook is fly too. The delivery has a melodic factor to it and the lyrics are fetching. The verses are validated. Lerix exhibits a captivating flow, clever wordplay, and classic rhymes. He conveys the message loud and clear that he has never been the type to conform to the crowd while at the same time fully embracing his individuality. He spits: “Now no disrespect b. There ain’t a magazine around that can dress me. They on that trend s–t. None of that impress me. Dropping names from they shoes to they neck piece. Cause when they catch us in the biggest names modeling; then everybody and they mama go and follow it. I think I’ll pass. Got my own thing brewing. So not my style to do what everybody doing.” Great set of bars right there with a positive underlying message. All in all, this track is a treasure and a site favorite.

“Time Of Your Life”

The production here is solid. It entails: a subtle infrastructure, light background elements, a median gait, and a laid back vibe. The hook is modest. The delivery is pristine and the lyrics are simple yet inspiring. The verses are proper. Lerix enlists a relaxed flow, conventional wordplay, and likeable rhymes. He shares some past personal experiences while encouraging the listener to relish their time on this earth. Some lines worth mentioning are: “Thinking I was slick sneaking out my mama’s crib. Belt to my a**. Yeah that’s what my mama did. Little n—a from the block running wild and fatherless. So to keep me from the cops she had zero tolerance. Now I get it. Took time getting used to. So focused on the present I failed to see the future. As kids we try to fit in and strive to be achievers. You can’t have it both. You either followers or leaders.” Those are some very wise and insightful bars. In the end, this is an estimable effort.

My Two Cents: Do As Infinity was worth the wait and more. I love the fact that it didn’t contain the three mindless elements mentioned at the beginning of the post. It’s bad enough they are tainting mainstream music. Also: it was well structured, had substantial content, the hooks were up to par, and the guest appearances fit in nicely. Not to mention the fact that Lerix murdered the production. The sound quality was superb. As a whole, Do As Infinity ranks a 4/5. Don’t believe me? Hit up Band Camp and hear it for yourself. -MinM

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