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Lerix F/ Thirsty McGurk – “Maaan Listen!” (Video)

by Miracle

Maaan-Listen(Photo By LerixMusic.Com)

“Maaan Listen!” F/ Thirsty McGurk (listen/download)

The homie Lerix is working hard to keep the anticipation going for his pending EP, Do As Infinity. His most recent move in accomplishing that goal was the release of the video for his song “Maaan Listen!” The song serves as the official second single off of the project. Also, it once again sees Lerix teaming up with fellow artist Thirsty McGurk. The record contains a heavy foundation, rhythmical background components, and a casual vibe. The hook is decent. The delivery is attractive and the lyrics are succinct yet quality. The verses are strong as well. Both Lerix and Thirsty make favorable contributions as they convey the fact that they are no strangers to putting in hard work. As a whole, it is a novel track.

For the video, the duo just wanted to capture the essence of New York. So under the direction of Tom Riddle that’s exactly what they did. The camera basically trails along as Lerix and Thirsty McGurk are out and about in the city. There are glimpses of the two artists in a variety of locales. For example, Lerix is shown recording in the studio and Thirsty is shown getting ready for the day in his home. Additionally, throughout the piece certain elements are highlighted to emphasize the theme of the flick. Thus the viewer is privy to sights such as the Wall Street sign and the Brooklyn Bridge. The project is shot in a black & white color scheme with minor effects here and there. The visuals fade out with a close up shot of Lerix and Thirsty as they stroll past the camera. Overall, this was a straightforward yet front-line watch.

**My Two Cents: This video was very well put together. The fellas definitely got the New York vibe that they were going for. Also, the simple nature of the visuals went perfectly with the song. It allowed one to really just zone out and enjoy the music. I liked it a lot and I think readers will too. So be sure to take a look. And when you’re done, hit up Lerix via his website for more with the East Coast emcee. -MinM

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