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News: Rapper Juvenile Hosts Open Verse Competition

by Miracle

mo-money-pic(Photo By AllHipHop.Com)

New Orleans rap veteran Juvenile is granting one lucky up and coming artist a pretty generous opportunity. He is opening up the third verse on one of his latest singles “Mo Money” for a newcomer to shine on. The song also features fellow rapper Curren$y and was produced by Mike Will Made It. The venture has been dubbed the Record Your Hottest Verse Competition. The emcee selected as the winner will have their verse added on to the completed version of the track. Additionally, the completed song will debut on the infamous AllHipHop.com website and will be one of the collective records for Juvenile’s next album. And Juvie is looking to secure some new talent for his UTP Records company too. So there are some major chances for exposure as well as a potential signing deal. Sounds like a dream prize package for the artist who is fortunate enough to win. To enter all artists have to do is: download the track, add their part, and submit it by September 5th. The email for submissions is draejackson.utprecords@gmail.com. “Mo Money” can be heard and downloaded from the above player.

**My Two Cents: I’m not a big Juvenile fan, never have been. However, I think this is a dope idea. It would be a wonderful way for a rising talent to expand their brand as well as their fan base. Signing to UTP could be a good way to get a foot in the door of the industry too. And even though the probability of winning is tough, you never know who might end up hearing the track. I think artists with the time and means to do so, should go ahead and give the contest a shot. Best of luck to anyone who does decide to enter! -MinM

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