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$killz – Watch & Learn (Album Review)

by Miracle

Watch & Learn (Cover)

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Watch & Learn (iTunes)

It has been a long time coming but Milwaukee based emcee $killz (Sypher Squad) finally dropped his debut album at the end of last month. Watch & Learn took the net by storm as it was pretty much featured on any digital retail site that one can think of: iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, etc. And those who support the superman of the rap game were all at the ready to make sure they acquired a copy. So what did all the time that he and producer Adlib spend working on the LP amount to? Find out after the break.

“Watch & Learn (Intro)”

The production here is tranquil. It entails a clean bass, subtle background components, a slow tempo, and a deep vibe. The hook is quality. The delivery is flawless and the lyrics have depth to them. The verses are proficient. $killz exhibits a peaceful flow, authentic wordplay, and legit intimate rhymes. He freely vocalizes his thoughts on the position he holds in the Hip-Hop game, his personal reasons for going so hard with his music, and more. He spits: “I got a passion for music. A passion to write. On the mic, I try to mimic the passion of Christ. Through the struggle and the strife I done made it. As long as I make it to heaven it’s irrelevant if I get famous. I don’t do it for ya music entertainment. I do it cause I was sent on a mission and I’m losing my patience. I’m sick and tired of the games that they playing.” Those words right there carry a lot of weight to them. Overall, this was a very stirring way to kick off the album.

“Focused” F/ Proph & Yo-Dot

The production here is energetic. It incorporates a strong knock, striking musical elements, and a dramatic vibe. The hook is becoming. The delivery is animated and the lyrics are hard to forget. The verses are all business. $killz does some damage on the first verse, Proph bodies the second, and Yo-Dot smashes the third. The trio display enthralling flows, innovative wordplay, and tough choice rhymes. They do a superior job of portraying individuals who have an unyielding sense of concentration and drive when it comes to their money and music. A handful of lines worth observing from $killz include: “Okay I shut it down. And I don’t give a f–k who know it. I make money to make money. You make money to blow it. You know I do it for my team and nothing less. And I do my thing on the m-i-c. See me be easily impressed. I can teach you how to dress if you teach me how to Dougie.” Very snazzy bars by the Sypher Squad emcee. All in all, this was a slick record and an instant album favorite.

“Goin’ Thru Sum Thangz”

The production here is dope. The savvy rhythm, refined musical ingredients, and smooth yet intense vibe forge an estimable bond. The hook is first-rate. The delivery is fetching and the lyrics are well-founded. The verses are of high-class quality. $killz serves up an impressive versatile flow and four star rhymes. He airs out some issues he’s been going through while at the same time allowing his confident take no prisoners persona to shine. Basically letting the world know he shouldn’t be counted out just because he’s going through some trials and tribulations. Notable lines include: “Hip-Hop got the s–t locked like Slip Knot. Tick-Tock, all I hear is money from my wrist watch. Big cock, making n—as chick jock. Spin, hop off, jump down. I’m the Mil-town Hitchcock. Knock knock, big lock. Pop, pop, twin shots. The kid got something that will sound like Kid Rock. I ain’t really into Country but if you bump me the wrong way, it’ll be a long day.” Brilliant way to compose those bars right there. In the end, this song is a banger and another favorite off of the LP.

**My Two Cents: Watch & Learn lived up to it’s expectations. $killz dispensed grade A lyricism and Adlib did a creditable job of constructing the sound. Also, each track was just different enough to result in a project with the potential to appeal to a variety of music listeners. However, it would have been nice to see $killz push the boundaries a tad bit further and experiment with more unique tracks like “Broken Wingz.” His laid back street style is great and he owns it without a doubt but I think infusing new techniques / concepts will help make him an even stronger artist. As a whole, I’d give Watch & Learn a 4/5 rating. Hit up iTunes to judge for yourself though. Or readers can head over to $killz’ new website and check the LP out there too. -MinM

Watch & Learn Back Cover

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