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$killz – “Livin’ My Dream” (Video)

by Miracle

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Haven’t had the superman of the rap game better known as $killz (Sypher Squad) on the site in a while. So since he’s preparing to make some major moves here soon, decided it was time to bring him back. He recently descended a new single / video upon his supporters titled, “Livin’ My Dream.” The song will appear on his debut album, Watch & Learn. The album drops tomorrow (1/29) and is executive produced by Adlib.


The song itself is hot. The production consists of a Hip-Hop / Rock style mash up with a fervent bass, an unyielding guitar presence, and a spirited vibe. The hook is exemplary. The delivery is engaging and the lyrics are well-rounded. The verses are ace. $killz brings a comprehensible flow, original wordplay, and high-caliber rhymes. He touches base on the hard work it took for him to reach / maintain his dream, gives a little Sypher Squad history, and more. Overall, this was a victorious debut track. The video was shot by the go to videographer in Milwaukee, Mr. Sergio Soprano of EsGee Films. The setting for the piece is at and around Digital Kitchen. This location just so happens to be the studio where Adlib works his magic. One of the main scenes in the visuals is a good old fashion poker game with the members of Sypher Squad and a couple of associates like $killz’s new manager, Kevin Kulesha. The other scenes simply showcase $killz outside of the studio jamming and in his own world. One of the standout shots include him rocking out with a guitar. The video is elevated by the color scheme. Parts of the video are shot traditionally while the other portions are done in black & white with blue accents. It’s a stylish touch. As a whole, this was a remarkable effort.

**My Two Cents: $killz made a model selection for the premiere single / video off of Watch & Learn. Everything has a mint feel to it and is efficiently put together. The album will be available via iTunes and other online digital media retailers such as Google Play. To get all of the details and to stay up to date on the rising emcee, hit up and like his Facebook Page. -MinM