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Carl “BFM” Jones Presents: Mid-West Minute Radio Show (2-13-13 Recap)

by Miracle

02-13 mmr

(Photo By Carl “BFM” Jones)

February 13, 2013 marked the grand finale of Mid-West Minute Radio for the season. The last show opened with one more round of discussions with a few of the media partners. This included call ins from: DJ Who Beta of STLHipHop.com & 89.5 The Wave, Julian Keaton of StereoAssault.com, and Troy of HeavyGunBlog.com. Topics ranged from: Big Heff’s current industry tour which covers several cities, to The Rise Movement in St. Louis, to the boom of the Indianapolis Hip-Hop scene, and so forth. It was an awesome start to the segment. Guest appearances got under way with Big Dawg of Chicago, IL. He discussed his new project Sophisticated Ignorance, his history, etc. Then Sicksteen switched out of the hosting role and took on an interviewee position. He spoke up on his work ethic / hustle, his brand Yesterday’s Nothing, and a few other topics. And the guest who closed out the festivities was Milwaukee’s own Kia Rap Princess of Blaqlizt Music Entertainment. She revealed: her past struggles with music, what keeps her motivated, and her thoughts on a couple of other topics. She brought a cool smooth aura to the air. Overall, it was a bittersweet night. It was sad to see the show leave for the Winter but it went out on a banging note.

**My Two Cents: Mid-West Minute Radio had an excellent run for the start of the year. Major salute to Baby Face Monster for putting everything together and including all cities of the region. He did a lot for the artists and the blogs through this venture. Keep an eye out for details on the Spring season. In the mean time, Baby Face Monster is putting together a tour that kicks off in March. Details can be found here. Also, he is set to release his upcoming project The Making Of A Monster. And of course there is always something going on over at the Chi-Bangerz site or his personal site. So there is no shortage of ways to keep up with the Chicago Hip-Hop mogul. Be sure to check out those links. -MinM

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Babyface Monster February 26, 2013 - 11:44 am

this is the best & most accurate review ever!! Dopest hiphop blog right here!!! MKE Babyface Monster will touch down March 17th!!!


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