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Kal’L – “All Your Love”

by Miracle

(Photo By Kal’L)


The Illixer caught Kal’L at the end of a two week stretch. Thus, it is time for a new track already, as foreshadowed in the previous post. But that’s not a bad thing. This new release is called “All Your Love”. It’s definitely one for the grown and sexy crowd. The production here is becoming. The slow pace and subtle background accents create a nice ambiance. The hook is good. The vocals have a fine and level pitch to them. The lyrics are fair. The verses are descriptive. Kal’L’s vocals are well suited for the beat and the lyrics are quality. He does a stellar job of relaying an intimate experience to the listener. Memorable lines include: “I find myself rushing, tryna get to her to give her all this loving. I drive myself insane with the games we play. I’m finally pulling up now and … Here we are finding it a little hard to keep our lips apart (just like she said).” Those words paint quite the image. In the end, this song is on point. Would certainly make for an ideal selection on any romantic playlist.

**My Two Cents: This was a choice cut. I think Kal’L was in his element and so everything just came together flawlessly. Also, the little dialogue here and there was a creative touch. For more with Kal’L, readers can hit up his Facebook Fan Page and be sure to “like” it too. His music can be previewed and downloaded over at Reverb Nation. If that isn’t enough, Kal’L also has a YouTube channel that features performances and special covers. And local fans can catch him live at the end of this month at 618 Live On Water. Peep the event details here. -MinM

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